Scream and… She did other movies, Neve Campbell? – Cinema news

Since 1996, she has played a Sidney Prescott struggling with the terrible Ghostface. But apart from the “Scream” saga, in which films and series did Neve Campbell shine? Focus on five defining roles away from Woodsboro.

Scream and... She did other movies, neve campbell? - cinema news
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In the eyes of the general public, Neve Campbell is obviously Sidney Prescott, the one who, for almost a quarter of a century, has faced the terrible Ghostface in the Scream films. While a new opus in the horrific saga has just landed in dark rooms, we show you below that the actress is not ONLY Scream. On the menu: a cult fantasy film, a very sexy role, an appearance in two seasons of House of Cards or even a performance alongside Dwayne Johnson!

LIFE OF FIVE (1994 – 2000)

Scream and... She did other movies, neve campbell? - cinema news

In 1994, barely 20 years old, neve campbell is revealed with the series La Vie à cinq. The show of the chain FOX, of which the young woman holds the poster during the entirety of the six seasons, tells the story of Charlie Salinger. The latter, upon the death of his parents in a car accident, finds himself having to take care of his four brothers and sisters.

But the life of five young people without an adult to help them is not easy, and they quickly realize that they must help each other and stay united to get by. Neve Campbell, in the role of Julia Salinger, notably gives the reply to Matthew Fox, who will meet with enormous success a few years later with Lost. Note that La Vie à cinq won the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series in 1996.


Scream and... She did other movies, neve campbell? - cinema news
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In 1996, shortly before being chosen to play the main role of Scream, the young neve campbell enjoyed great success with the fantastic film Dangereuse Alliance. She embodies Bonnie, a student who, in love with esotericism, practices magic in the company of two comrades. Qualified by the other students as crazy or witches, they are soon joined by a fourth girl, Sarah, endowed with exceptional gifts.

The quartet will form a circle capable of summoning the most powerful spirits and turning their dreams into reality. Until the day when rivalries appear in the small group. Haloed by a pretty cult film status, Dangereuse Alliance, including the three other actresses had very different careers, was remade in late 2020.


Scream and... She did other movies, neve campbell? - cinema news
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In 1998, with two films from the Scream saga on the clock, neve campbell decides to break her image of a smooth and wise young woman. In the sulphurous thriller Sexcrimes, the young Canadian slips into the skin of Susan Toller, a rebellious alcoholic.

Sexcrimes tells the story of Sam Lombardo (Matt Dillon), sports teacher on the campus of the small community of Blue Bay, Florida. The students are not insensitive to his charm. One day, Kelly (Denise Richards), one of them, accuses him of having raped her. The film will mark the spirits with a scene of threesome between Neve Campbell, Denise Richards and Matt Dillon.

COMPANY (2003)

Scream and... She did other movies, neve campbell? - cinema news
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World star thanks to the Scream saga, of which she then starred in three parts, neve campbell had the opportunity in 2003 to give birth to a very personal project. That year, the Canadian starred in the feature film Company, directed by Robert Altman, which saw her realize her childhood dream: to embody a dancer.

Neve Campbell has indeed been an accomplished dancer since the age of six, a former student of the National School of Ballet of Canada, and she had long dreamed of making a film around a corps de ballet, wishing to show all that, from suffering to a state of grace, makes up the life of a dancer. For her role, she spent almost two years training to acquire the technique necessary for the dances she performs in the film.

Company, on which Neve Campbell also officiates as screenwriter and producer, immerses the spectator a few weeks before the premiere of the ballet blue-snake. Each of the members prepares and gives of himself intensely, under the direction of the flamboyant Mr A. (Malcolm McDowell). Among them, the young Ry (Campbell) must seize her chance, but her sentimental setbacks disturb her.


Scream and... She did other movies, neve campbell? - cinema news
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Total change of registry in 2018 for neve campbell, which is illustrated in the blockbuster Skyscraper. In this disaster film, the actress plays Sarah Sawyer, the wife of Will Sawyer, played by Dwayne Johnson, former leader of the FBI Hostage Rescue Commando and veteran of the United States Army, now responsible for the security of skyscrapers.

While assigned to Hong Kong, Will is accused of having started a fire in the tallest and reputedly safest tower in the world… Considered a fugitive, he must find the criminals, prove his innocence and above all save his family. woman and her two children trapped in the burning building…

HOUSE OF CARDS (2016 – 2017)

Scream and... She did other movies, neve campbell? - cinema news
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After appearances in two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (where she plays one of Derek Shepherd’s sisters) and a detour by the first episode of the last season of Mad Men, Neve Campbell moves into the White House.

The Canadian actress is indeed illustrated in the series House of Cards, with a regular role in seasons 4 and 5. His role: that of LeAnn Harvey, campaign manager for the Underwoods, played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

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