Scorsese's Killers of the Flower Moon: "This could be one of the greatest films in history", according to the screenwriter

Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon: “This could be one of the greatest films in history”, according to the screenwriter

After the monumental fresco The Irishman, released in 2019, Martin Scorsese is preparing to shoot his new feature film. Very ambitious, Killers of the Flower Moon promises to be one of the film events of 2022.

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In 2019, the legendary Martin Scorsese presented us with a monumental 3.30 hour fresco on the organized crime in postwar America, The Irishman. The feature film, with a budget of nearly $ 160 million, has caused much ink to flow, especially about the digital rejuvenation of its main actors, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.

Two years later, the director is about to shoot an ambitious new fresco with Killers of the Flower Moon, whose budget is estimated at 200 million greenbacks. He finds his accomplice, De Niro, for a 10th collaboration. He will give the reply to Leonardo DiCaprio, who will work with the director for the 6th time.

As a reminder, the work will tell us the true story of the murders of several members of the Indian tribe of Osage in Oklahoma. They were murdered after finding oil on their land in the 1920s. The FBI will be in charge of the investigation.

It was screenwriter Eric Roth (Forrest Gump) who was responsible for adapting the book by David Grann, on which the film is based. The latter confided in the microphone of Collider about his work on this artwork.

I am in my 5th or 6th year working on this project.

“I am in my 5th or 6th year working on this project”, he says. Roth then recalls that many changes have been made, especially concerning the role of DiCaprio, which has been exchanged with the one that Jesse Plemons will hold.

The latter lends his features to Texas Ranger Tom White, investigating the Osage murders. As for DiCaprio, he plays Ernest Burkhart, nephew of William Hale (Robert De Niro).

Killers of the Flower Moon: DiCaprio changes roles in new Scorsese film

The screenwriter specifies that the two comedians will have approximately equal presence time on screen, responding to a rumor which claimed that Leo would only be secondary in the story:

“I wouldn’t say Plemons is the lead. I would say he’s the nominated hero. In terms of being in the movie, they’re equal. They just don’t have the same role. Leo’s is very complex. and interesting. It’s a daring role and it took a really smart actor to play it. If Montgomery Clift was still alive, he could have played that character. “, says Eric Roth.

I think it could be one of the greatest movies in history.

Collider indicates that the screenwriter says this with excitement in his voice, obviously very happy to be working with Martin Scorsese on this project.

“I think this could be one of the greatest movies in history. I really think so. It has all the makings of it.”, he enthuses. “It won’t look like anything we’ve seen so far. This story is so important. He had such an impact that we tried to portray things as best we could. “

Scorsese is a wonderful person. I would work with him rain or shine.

Martin Scorsese is a wonderful person. I would work with him rain or shine. He knows this project inside out. Besides, this film could become something really special and set in the time. “

Eric Roth then discusses the genre of the film, recalling that Scorsese describes it as “the last great western” :

“I know Marty is trying to make a film that will probably be the last western made this way, with a lot of social documentation on violence and the environment.

People will be in period costume, in 1921 and during Prohibition. Also, the character of Tom White (Jesse Plemons) was in the Texas Rangers, we can’t do more western than that “, he explains.

Filming for Killers of the Flower Moon is about to begin and will run for 6 months, until September. We can therefore hope for a theatrical release in the course of 2022.

In the meantime, you can (re) watch The Irishman on Netflix

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