Scènes de Ménages on M6: all that awaits you in season 14

This Monday evening, M6 is launching the broadcast of season 14 of “Scènes de Ménages”, the channel’s flagship humorous pastille. And for this new burst of episodes, the couples still have some nice surprises in store for us.

After only two short months of absence, Scènes de Ménages is making its big comeback on M6 this Monday, August 22 from 8:30 p.m. And for this fourteenth year on the air, the couples of the most watched daily fiction will have new surprises in store for us. Between municipal elections, diamond weddings, professional issues and romantic passions, life will be very eventful in this new season which promises to be as funny and tasty as ever.

From Halloween to Music Day to Valentine’s Day, they’ll celebrate them
all in their own way. Many surprises and exceptional guests will also be invited to celebrate January 1st. Find out what awaits you in season 14 of Scènes de Ménages.

Liliane and José have a new opponent

Scenes de Menages on M6 all that awaits you in
Alexandre Isard / Pasco & Co / M6

As the new municipal elections approach, José (Frederic Bouraly) decides to run for a second term. But this time, he will have to face a tough opponent: Brigitte, his former assistant. The competition is tougher, the two enemies not hesitating to use low blows in order to win the election.

For her part, Liliane (Valerie Karsenti) employs another tactic by improvising himself as a love coach thanks to his hotline. But when she’s not giving love advice, Liliane fills in her umpteenth car accident report and devotes herself to her new musical that she dreams of offering to their new neighbour, a well-known singing star.

No respite for Camille and Philippe

1661149205 921 Scenes de Menages on M6 all that awaits you in
Alexandre Isard / Pasco & Co / M6

Camille (Amelie Etasse) decides to put his marriage to the test by doing intermittent fasts. If she holds up thanks to her discipline, Philippe (Gregory Bonnet), he has a lot of trouble keeping up. He’s hungry, he’s in pain and he’s obsessed with it.

The young woman is also experiencing growing success with her regional football team, which makes her husband jealous, he who has just lost the elections for president of the country club. For his part, Dylan, Philippe’s nephew, is preparing to join his father who will soon be released from prison, while the couple has become strongly attached to the teenager.

Emma and Fabien facing new challenges

1661149206 610 Scenes de Menages on M6 all that awaits you in
Alexandre Isard / Pasco & Co / M6

Emma (Anne-Elisabeth Blateau), still the victim of a bad buzz at Bricoflex, will have to work with a happiness manager imposed by the American headquarters, which will have the effect of weakening her position as director. For his part, Fabien (david mora) is about to leave the National Education for new adventures.

After some research, he decides to buy the local gazette for a symbolic €1 and will try to get a makeover by becoming a journalist. Chloé, who has discovered a passion for horse riding, intends to make it known. To their greatest regret, Emma and Fabien will then find themselves overnight with a new pony in their garden.

Jalil and Louise, not a moment for them

1661149206 477 Scenes de Menages on M6 all that awaits you in
Alexandre Isard / Pasco & Co / M6

Between the opening of Louise’s restaurant (Claudia Mongumu) and Jalil’s eventful life as a firefighter (Ryad Baxx), our couple is far from leading a quiet life. Not content to endure the continuous intrusions of Messaoud with his nails and screws or of Jocelyne and her ambitions of a future grandmother, the two lovers will also have to face the questions of their younger brothers.

Bilal, Jalil’s little brother, already imagines himself an influencer in Dubai while Lilya, Louise’s little sister, is seriously questioning her love life.

Huguette and Raymond celebrate their wedding

1661149207 95 Scenes de Menages on M6 all that awaits you in
Alexandre Isard / Pasco & Co / M6

When Huguette (Marion Game) and Raymond (Gerard Hernandez) are not driving their niece Béatrice crazy with the organization of their diamond wedding, it is a real estate agent that they decide to attack by making him believe that they are considering a life annuity which is not likely to succeed as long as they are still in good shape.

At the same time, Raymond welcomes a budding boxer whom he will gladly train. The couple also has to deal with the arrival of a new pest in their apartment: a mouse.

Leslie and Leo face the galleys

1661149207 8 Scenes de Menages on M6 all that awaits you in
Alexandre Isard / Pasco & Co / M6

Between Monsieur Boursier who never forgets to ask them for the rent, Lila, their pregnant girlfriend who squats and their miserable wages, Leslie and Léo have trouble making ends meet. The young woman will juggle between two jobs and will have to concentrate so as not to confuse hospital patients and restaurant customers.

Now employed, Léo will take care of the communication of a new product, Le Taramole, a clever mix of taramasalata and guacamole. To top it off, on the family side, Leo’s father comes out of prison with his arms hanging and with an ex-wife to win back. Leslie’s mother, accustomed to short stories, will change her tune and live a love story with a prominent politician.

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