Saw: what is the ban for the new Spiral episode?

Find out what you need to know about “Spirale”, a new episode of the “Saw” saga, which is presented as a sequel and a reboot. From its synopsis to its casting, including its ban in theaters, follow the guide!


Working in the shadow of his father, a local police legend, Lieutenant Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks and his new partner investigate a series of gruesome murders whose modus operandi is strangely reminiscent of a serial killer who once raged in the city. Trapped unknowingly, Zeke finds himself at the center of a terrifying ploy in which the killer pulls the strings.


Darren Lynn Bousman. In the same way as James Wan, instigator of the saga who remains credited with the production, the director is one of the pillars of Saw, since he signs his fourth opus. We owe him indeed the 2, 3 and 4. And so this Spiral, which aims to breathe new life into the franchise with this cross between a sequel and a reboot.


With the exception of Danny Glover, and even Cary Elwes (Princess Bride, Hot Shots), in the first opus, or the ex-young Indiana Jones Sean Patrick Flanery in the Final Chapter, the Saw saga has not seen pass a lot of known faces. But Spirale intends to change the situation. With Chris Rock in particular. Even if he is ultimately not credited with the script, contrary to what had been announced at first, the actor was the spearhead of this new opus, which he produced and of which he is the main performer.

He plays Lieutenant Ezekiel Banks, responsible for investigating the new series of murders while trying to get rid of the heavy shadow of his father, played by… Samuel L. Jackson. Which adds one more franchise to its impressive track record. Seen in The Social Network, Horns or the series The Handmaid’s Tale, Max Minghella is also one of the famous actors, and plays a police officer who investigates with Banks.

Saw: what is the ban for the new spiral episode?

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Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock mentor director Darren Lynn Bousman


Like all the opus of the saga launched in 2005, Spirale contains its share of not very raging tortures which one does not spare us the vision. The film is therefore logically prohibited for those under 16 in French theaters, as were all the previous ones. With one exception: the 3, banned from under 18 when it was released in 2006 and which remains, to this day, the biggest success of the franchise in France.


Spirale takes place a few years after the events of the first episodes but intends to stand out by going in a new direction and with new characters. No actor from the first part of the saga is therefore present in the casting, even if the shadow of John Kramer (Tobin Bell) floats on this opus.

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