Saw: 9 films, 9 Machiavellian traps!

Clement Cuyer

Clement Cuyer


Clément Cuyer appreciates all genres, from good hard-hitting horror films to schoolboy comedy. He is an “old man” of AlloCiné, journalist in the editorial staff for more than two passionate decades. “Too old for this bullshit”? Oh never!

On the occasion of the theatrical release of “Spiral: The Legacy of Saw”, focus on 9 Machiavellian traps from the horrific saga. Please note, some images and descriptions may be shocking. (with the collaboration of Clément Cuyer)

Saw: The Jaw Trap

1. Saw: The jaw trap

Imagine a bear trap, which works in reverse, hanging from someone’s jaws. This is the situation Amanda finds herself in (Shawnee Smith) in Saw. The key to the mechanism is easily accessible enough to allow it to ultimately be one of the few to get by, and more so. And the reverse bear trap becomes the emblematic trap of the saga.

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While the feature film Spiral: The Legacy of Saw has just been released in theaters, we invite you to come back to nine Machiavellian traps from the horrific saga. One per film!

From the jaw trap in the first part released in theaters in 2005 to that of the syringe pool, through that of the tourniquet, discover in our slideshow above the most horrible traps imagined by Jigsaw. Please note, some images and descriptions may be shocking.

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