Save Lisa on M6: what is the series worth with Caroline Anglade, Victoria Abril, and Cristiana …

M6 is launching the “Sauver Lisa” series this evening, with Caroline Anglade, Victoria Abril, Cristiana Reali, Déborah François, and Capucine Sainson-Fabresse. A panting drama about a teacher desperate to protect a child victim of abuse.

What is it about ?

Rose Keller, 35, is replacing primary schools. During a mission of a few weeks, she meets Lisa, 8, one of her particularly endearing students. Rose quickly realizes that Lisa is being abused in her home, and that she is in danger of death if no one does anything.

Faced with the powerlessness of social services, she decides to kidnap the little girl. Wanted by the police and by Lisa’s biological mother, Rose has no other solution than to take refuge with her own adoptive mother.

Every Tuesday at 9:05 p.m. on M6 from November 16, and already available on Salto. 6 episodes seen out of 6.

Who is it with?

More than three years after Lebowitz’s judgment against Lebowitz, Caroline Anglade (A mother under the influence, Divorce Club) finds a leading role in a series with Save Lisa, in which she plays Rose, a teacher ready to do anything to save one of his students was abused by his mother and her partner.

In front of her, M6 viewers and Salto subscribers will find Cristiana Reali (Les Bracelets rouges, Clem), Victoria Abril, currently in the credits of Tomorrow belongs to us on TF1, Déborah François (The school of life), and the young Capucine Sainson-Fabresse revelation in the role of Lisa.

A high-flying female cast completed by Tom Novembre, Flore Bonaventura (Grand Hôtel), Oscar Copp (La Promesse), Foëd Amara (La Garçonne), and Olivia Bonamy and Noom Diawara as a cop duo.

Save lisa on m6: what is the series worth with caroline anglade, victoria abril, and cristiana...
Incognita / M6

Well worth a look ?

After the disappointment They were ten, a failed modern reinterpretation of Agatha Christie’s novel by Pascal Laugier, and while waiting The Man I Condemned or La Maison d’en face, M6, whose French series offer is less rich that TF1 or France Télévisions, offers as of this evening a new unpublished fiction which really deserves the turning and stands out as one of the beautiful surprises of the televisual fall.

Adapted from the Japanese series Mother, already remake in South Korea in particular, by the screenwriters Anna Frégonèse and Sylvie Audcoeur, and the director Yann Samuell, Sauver Lisa grabs us from its first episode which, against a background of abuse and endangered childhood , follows the desperate rescue of Rose Keller, a teacher who will go very far (too far?) to protect one of her young students, Lisa, whom she suspects of being beaten by her parents.

Panting and charged with emotion, the six 52-minute episodes, which will be offered at the rate of two per week on M6, quickly draw the main theme of the series: motherhood. Indeed, the viewer does not take long to understand that Rose’s attachment to her young pupil is linked to the very past of the teacher, who was abandoned at the age of four and taken in by an adoptive family.

A past that she will have to confront during her run, while the writers cross several portraits of poignant women and mothers, from the surrogate mother to the adoptive mother, including the biological mother and the neglectful mother.

Save lisa on m6: what is the series worth with caroline anglade, victoria abril, and cristiana...
Incognita / M6

Alongside Caroline Anglade, excellent in the skin of this teacher ready to take all the risks, Cristiana Reali and Victoria Abril, who had not held a leading role in a French series since her departure from Clem, are very fair in two key roles in the plot, while Deborah François is surprisingly an abusive mother.

And how not to mention the young Capucine Sainson-Fabresse, a real revelation of the series, who sparkles in the role of little Lisa and totally amazes us with her talent and her ability to convey all emotions.

Continuously oscillating between an almost intimate human drama, on the difference between the bonds of blood and the bonds of the heart, and thriller which keeps us in suspense until the end, with many twists to the key, Saving Lisa is a pretty success. which should delight fans of French series and stands out thanks to its high-level writing and interpretation.

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