Save $60 on a 5-Piece Philips Smart Lightbulb Starter Kit

Smart lights have become a staple throughout smart homes, and if you haven’t opted for any smart devices yet, you might at least be interested in them. Whether you’re already upgrading your home into a smart home or just want to try out smart devices, smart bulbs are always a bright idea.

You can automate your lights with voice commands and control your lights from your phone with most smart bulbs. Some of our favorite smart lights are on sale right now at Best Buy. You can grab a starter kit of Philips bulbs for just $110 and save $60 today.

You get three lightbulbs in this kit, along with the Hue Bridge and manual light switch and dimmer. We love how well-connected this platform is. If you plan to set up your smart lighting system over time, this is a great investment.

With the Hue lights, you can programme over 16 million colors that will transform your home into a party venue or bring a bedtime story to life. You can sync the lights to your movies, games and music and watch the colors dance in rhythm.

Plus, Spotify and Philips Hue have teamed up so you can actually see the music you listen to with deep lighting and music integration. You can programme these lights to slowly brighten in the morning or unwind at night to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

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