Satechi USB-C Clamp Hub Solves M1 iMac’s Main Problem

Satechi USB-C Clamp Hub Solves M1 iMac’s Main Problem

Today, Satechi launched its latest Apple accessory, a small USB C Clamp Hub specially designed for the M1 24-inch Mac. It’s simple: The iMac lacks many ports.

Satechi, a San Diego-based consumer electronics company that produces modern tech accessories and USB-C products, is located in San Diego. The latest accessory it offers is the handy USB-C Clamp hub, a compact adapter that attaches directly to your M1 iMac’s bottom right.

Satechi usb-c clamp hub solves m1 imac's main problem
Satechi usb-c clamp hub solves m1 imac’s main problem

The company has even matched some of its colours to the 2021 M1 Mac’s to ensure that your setup is colour-coordinated. It’s made specifically for the 2021 model. If you have a 2019 machine or older, you might want to check out Satechi’s other products.

USB-C Clamp Hub

The USB-C Clamp Hub has five ports total. It is designed to make it easy to access the ports on your machine’s back. It makes your setup cleaner and easier by using only one USB-C port at the machine’s back. Satechi’s latest release features a minimalist design that attaches easily to the machine’s expanded I/O. The ports include three USB A ports, one USB C port, and an SD and microSD card reader.

The USB-A ports on the Clamp Hub offer speeds up to 5Gbps and don’t need charging. The USB-C port offers speeds up to 5Gbps and does not need to be charged. Both the SD and microSD card readers belong to UHS-I and can read at speeds up to 104Mbps. The adjustable knob allows for quick installation and snug-fitting.

The Clamp Hub by Satechi is priced at $55, with the silver model launching in September and the blue one arriving in October. It is also possible to pre-order it online at any time on the Satechi website.

Satechi USB Clamp Hub Solves M1 iMac’s Main Issue.

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