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While “Without a noise 2” has just been released on our screens, a third film is already planned for the saga launched in 2018. When will we see it? Who realizes? What will it talk about? We take stock.

Never two without three for the saga Without a noise! While the second opus, expected last March and postponed because of the coronavirus crisis in the world, has finally been released in our theaters, a third part is already planned. And the global box office ($ 200 million collected to date, including 111 in the United States), confirms the public’s appetite for the franchise. But what do we know about him?


Expected on March 31, 2023 in American theaters, the feature film will be visible at home two days before. So the 29th. Which will be a great first, because the two previous opus had taken several weeks (even months) to cross the Atlantic and arrive in French cinemas.


Exit John Krasinski! If he had hesitated to re-stack, for fear of not succeeding in making an opus as organic as the first, as he explained to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor and director finally made Without a noise 2. But no treble for him. Or not immediately, because he will hand over to Jeff Nichols, whom he presented as one of his favorite filmmakers in the pages of Cinemateaser when the first part is released.

Was he already thinking of entrusting her with an episode? Or did it come after? What is certain is that the director of Mud and Take Shelter will once again try his hand at science fiction after Midnight Special. And it is not difficult to imagine him in this universe which, beyond the genre approached, regularly puts childhood and family at the heart of his stories. There is therefore a good chance that the saga will be in good hands.


It is, along with the cast, the biggest unknown surrounding the film. Who is not called (yet?) Without a sound 3. Because it will be less of a sequel, in which Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds or Cillian Murphy would return, than a spin-off centered on other survivors? It’s a possibility, but don’t count on John Krasinski to help us see it more clearly.

“I can’t say anything about the next movie”, he answers us when we ask him the question about what will be the third opus. “Not only for me, but also for Jeff. He does some incredibly special things, and I’m so honored and thrilled that a director of his caliber wants to step into this world with us.”

“He’s one of my favorite directors, and he does a most interesting job. And what he will do [dans la saga] looks fantastic. I can’t wait for everyone to see what he’s up to in their corner. “ Can we expect a new concept in this post-apocalyptic universe? Author of the idea that Jeff Nichols then developed in his screenplay, John Krasinski in any case does not specify whether Sans un noise 2 will be his last opus as a director. So who knows if he won’t be back in a potential true episode 3?

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