Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go LTE features leaked

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go LTE features leaked: Samsung confirmed there would also be an LTE model of the machine. Although that option still isn’t available, a new promotional video heavily suggests the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go with LTE might be a bit different.

As first spotted by GizmoChina, the promotional video below shows a touchscreen in action on the LTE model of the Galaxy Chromebook Go. See for yourself at the 0:40 mark:

Samsung galaxy chromebook go lte features leaked
Samsung galaxy chromebook go lte features leaked


  • There will eventually be an LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go.
  • A promotional video heavily suggests this model could incorporate a touch screen.
  • If this proves true, and Samsung can keep the price down, the LTE model could be one of the best Chromebooks on the market.

Chromebook LTE

Now, it’s possible that Samsung simulated this imagery for the video and the LTE version of the Chromebook won’t feature a touchscreen. However, if it did, Samsung could have a nearly perfect Chromebook in its hands. With a premium design, decent specs, a wealth of connectivity options, a touchscreen, and a price not much higher than the $299 of the Wi-Fi-only model, this hypothetical Chromebook could be a huge deal.

So far, we don’t know any hard details about the LTE model of the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, though. This video should have Chromebook shoppers pretty excited to find out! Stay tuned.

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