You don’t want to miss this 4TB SSD deal during Prime Day

You don’t want to miss this 4TB SSD deal during Prime Day
Samsung 990 Pro SSD on dark background.

If you’re running out of space on your desktop or laptop and you don’t feel like lugging around multiple external hard drives, just grab a new SSD during the Prime Day deals. There’s a massive 4TB hard drive on sale right now at Amazon. This is the Samsung 990 Pro SSD, which is a high quality solid state drive that will work with almost any PC. It’s currently down to $280, down from $345, a $65, or 19% discount. Get it before the Prime Day SSD deals end on Wednesday night. Read more below about why you might want to choose this SSD instead of an external hard drive.

Why should you buy the Samsung 990 PRO 4TB SSD on Prime Day?

If you are reading this article, chances are you already know the difference between SSD vs HDD. Suffice it to say that SSDs have a lot of advantages over standard hard drives. Let’s learn more about this Samsung 990 Pro specifically.

One thing that SSDs do better than HDDs is file read speed. The Samsung 990 Pro has a sequential read speed of 7,450 MBps. It’s fast enough to handle heavy-duty gaming or workstation-level processes like large-scale calculations or video rendering. Samsung says this Gen4 990 is their fastest and best performing SSD yet. Compared to the 980 PRO, the 990 PRO has 55% better random access performance, 50% better performance per watt, and faster read and write speeds overall. Also, we know it says it in the title, but let us remind you that this is a 4TB SSD. You’ll be able to save tons of games, movies, and RAW project files without worrying about running out of space anytime soon.

This SSD has some nice benefits besides just general performance. It has a nickel-coated controller for thermal control, so it won’t overheat easily and performance won’t degrade. You’ll also get access to the Samsung Magician optimization tool, which lets you protect specific, valuable data, monitor the overall health of the SSD, and get automatic updates.

The Samsung 990 PRO 4TB SSD is on sale for $280, which is $65 less than its usual $345. This is a quality SSD for a good discount. Be sure to grab it before the end of the day on Wednesday, because Prime Big Deal Days won’t last forever.


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