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While it may seem like most OLED TV Black Friday deals are gone, there are some amazing offers you can still snag if you look hard enough. If you’re willing to invest on a huge OLED TV, you should check out Best Buy’s $1,600 rebate for the 77-inch Samsung S89C 4K OLED TV, which brings its price down from $3,600 to $2,000. It’s still not cheap, but the savings are the biggest you can get from this year’s Black Friday deals. However, you should not hesitate if you want to take advantage of the bargain, as there is no telling whether it will continue through Cyber ​​Monday and beyond.

Why should you buy the 77-inch Samsung S89C 4K OLED TV?

The Samsung S89C offers 4K Ultra HD resolution for clear details and vibrant colors, and it’s an OLED TV, meaning it uses OLED pixels that generate their own light. When these pixels are turned off, they create great black levels, which is one of the advantages of OLED TVs over QLED TVs, according to our OLED vs QLED comparison. Other reasons why you should choose the Samsung S89C 4K OLED TV over a QLED TV include better response time, wider viewing angles, lower power consumption, and better comfort for the eyes.

The Samsung S89C 4K OLED TV’s 77-inch screen will have you checking out our guide on what size TV to buy because you shouldn’t have to guess how big that display will be in real life. Once you’ve confirmed that it will fit in your available space, you should look forward to all the streaming shows you can watch through Samsung’s Tizen platform, as well as those video games Which you can play through Samsung Gaming Hub.

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Not all Best Buy Black Friday TV deals have been canceled, as you can still score $1,600 in savings when you purchase the 77-inch Samsung S89C 4K OLED TV. That’s down from $3,600 to $2,000 – still a huge investment, but it’s a purchase that will truly transform your living room. However, we’re not sure how much time is left on this offer, but we recommend completing your purchase now. While there’s a possibility that the price of the 77-inch Samsung S89C 4K OLED TV will drop on Cyber ​​Monday, you may also be at risk of missing out entirely due to stock out, so add the OLED TV to your cart and Check now.

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