Samba on France 2: Omar Sy is reluctant to shoot intimate scenes – teller report

Broadcast on France 2, Samba is the 5th collaboration between the duo Toledano-Nakache and Omar Sy. In this film, the actor takes a liking to Charlotte Gainsbourg. But why is the latter uncomfortable with love scenes?

Released in October 2014, Samba tells the story of a Senegalese living in France for 10 years, played by Omar Sy. The latter collects odd jobs. He will meet Alice (Charlotte Gainsbourg), a senior executive exhausted by a burnout.

He tries by all means to get his papers, while she tries to rebuild herself by volunteering in an association. Everyone tries to get out of their deadlock until the day their destinies intersect … Between humor and emotion, their story forges another path to happiness.

After the triumph of Untouchables and its 19.4 million admissions, Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache found their favorite actor, Omar Sy, for the 5th time. He filmed for them in the short film Ces jourshappy, and the feature films Nos jourshappy, Tellement close and Intouchables.

Although Samba’s story is largely inspired by the original novel by Delphine Coulin, the director duo had long had the idea of ​​making a film around “those workers that we see smoking outside in kitchen aprons at the exit of restaurants – Africans, Asians, Sri Lankans on hiatus for a few moments”, as Toledano explains. Long before the shooting of Untouchables, a ten-page script on this theme had indeed already emerged.

In the film, Samba, played by Omar Sy, befriends Alice, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. Over the course of the meetings, the links between them become stronger and stronger. Thus, intimate scenes are planned between their characters. This kind of sequence, the former troublemaker of the after-sales service of the emissions, fear them more than anything. “I’m not comfortable with sex scenes”, he revealed in 2012 in Paris Match. The actor was referring to a scene shot in a swingers club for On the other side of the periphery: “It embarrassed me. Even though I knew the participants were extras and it was all fake.”, adds the native of Trappes.

In 2017, as part of the program Au tableau, broadcast on C8, Omar Sy once again confided in his reluctance to shoot nude scenes: “There is a lot of modesty in my family, there are things that we avoid doing, to say. I grew up with it, it’s very complicated to let go of it. Since I have a choice today. ‘Yeah, I choose projects where I’m going to avoid having these scenes because I don’t know if I’m going to have fun playing this. “

However, in 2020, Anne Fontaine convinced Omar Sy to shoot love scenes with Virginie Efira for Police. In this drama, the two actors play cops responsible for escorting an illegal immigrant to the border. Efira came to the aid of the actor during the filming of these sequences, as she explained in the columns of the JDD: “Omar has done few gendered characters so far. He has that great body and that obvious manhood, but he has a childish look and it’s very interesting. It’s true that it’s not easy to share. an intimacy with someone you don’t know. The idea is to play it all down and go there, even if they weren’t very, very hot scenes either. “


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