Sam (TF1): season 5, the future of Alex, the arrival of François Berléand … Kevin Dias confides – News Séries

Sam (TF1): season 5, the future of Alex, the arrival of François Berléand … Kevin Dias confides – News Séries

Broadcast every Monday on TF1, season 5 of “Sam” sees Alex come back to live with his mother following couple problems. Kevin Dias, his interpreter, tells us more about these new episodes, the arrival of François Berléand, and his projects.


AlloCiné: You play Alex in Sam since 2016. How do you see these five years and the evolution of your character?

Kevin dias : In the first season of Sam, we really introduced the characters and Alex was very present because there was this whole story where his girlfriend’s father was Sam’s former sweetheart from her childhood. There was a lot of stuff. interesting to play for me. Then my character left, while returning from time to time. And there this season I was delighted to come back in a more important way. I don’t know if this is the end of my character, but in any case the circle has come full circle. It’s a great score overall and it was a real pleasure playing Alex for five years. It is a chance, and I am aware of it.

It is true that Alex was much less present last year, in season 4. It was a will on your part, for questions of schedule, or was it purely for reasons scriptwriters?

It came from the writers. I think that depending on the seasons you have to distribute the importance of the characters a little. It’s complicated to bring everyone back in a fair way. I suffered a bit from it last season. There was more room for the actors who play Alex’s sister and brother, Roxane Bret and Valentin Byls. But I knew that it was not really over for me, that there was still things to say for Alex. And then it was quite logical because Alex was leaving for Bordeaux at the end of season 3 with his girlfriend and their child. So we would have cheated a bit by making him come back immediately in a big way. But it wasn’t for personal reasons, it was really a scriptwriting bias.

From the start of season 5, Alex returns to live with Sam with his son Gustave. What can you say about what to expect in these new episodes?

Alex returns to live with his mother without telling her. He is going through a difficult period because he has filed for bankruptcy with his company, he is faced with a dilemma regarding the future of his couple. It’s very tense with Juliette, his girlfriend, who went to London for work. There is nothing actually right. But the most important thing for him is his son, who is now four years old. He is very present with him because what he especially does not want is to reproduce his own family pattern with him. Because Alex grew up without a father. He will therefore do everything to find common ground for the good of Gustave. There is this whole theme of fatherhood which was fascinating to play. What is more with the return of this grandfather whom he never knew, which comes on top of all that.


How was the work with César of Gouvello Grach, the young actor who plays Alex’s son?

It went very well with little Caesar. It was very funny. I love children so there were no problems. Especially since I myself am the father of a little boy in life. There is a real bond that quickly settled between us, it brought a real naturalness to the game. But the big challenge was to channel it between takes (laughs). He really has boundless energy, to put it mildly.

This season is also marked by the arrival of François Berléand in the role of Sam’s father. François Berléand as a fictional grandfather, was it a nice surprise?

Of course. And what is very funny is that I learned it thanks to AlloCiné (laughs). I received a Google alert and by reading the article on season 5 I see “And in the casting François Berléand who will play Sam’s father”. No one told me anything, it was a real surprise! I had already worked well this season 5 upstream, but I redoubled my efforts when I learned that it was François Berléand who was going to play my grandfather. I wanted to arrive extremely prepared. And it was a real experience. He’s a great man. And at the same time he’s a big kid because he’s the first to mess around on the set, he never stops, it’s very funny. But for once when “Action” sounds, it’s impressive. It is incredibly correct.

How will Alex react when he finds out that he has a grandfather, an uncle, and an aunt that he had never heard of?

It’s a complicated situation because his mother never knew his father and it sends him back to his own story, because Alex never really knew his father either. So he blames Vladimir, this gentleman he does not know. And he sees the discomfort that causes in Sam, he is on the defensive. But little by little he will try to understand the reasons for his arrival in Sam’s life, to open up, and to adapt to this new situation.


Can we expect to see Anna and Boudu, Sam’s other two children, again by the end of the season?

I’m not sure if I have the right to say all that (laughs). But, yeah, we can expect to see them make a little appearance by the end of Season 5.

We imagine that over the years you must have forged real bonds with your gaming partners …

Exactly. Roxane Bret has become one of my very good friends outside. And Natacha Lindinger is my stage mom, I happily find her every year. I find her really impressive in the role of Sam. She took over the role of Mathilde Seigner brilliantly. Every time we start filming a new season, there is immediately a bond between us. We understand each other in the game and things are going very well. We know each other by heart after 4 years, and we know our characters by heart. So that helps, obviously.

Scheduled for the spring, the shooting of season 5 has been postponed because of the Covid and the confinement, and finally began this summer. How did you experience this shoot under very strict sanitary measures?

The big difference is that we were all masked, so it was a bit more difficult. In the sense that it was necessary to respect all sanitary measures. But we all played along, obviously, for our health. And it went very well in the end. I was going to say it was a little less partying, but actually not because the general atmosphere of the shoot is always very hilarious. When there are guys like Fred Testot, François Berléand, or Philippe Lefebvre who directs, we necessarily laugh a lot. And it is necessary. It felt good to release the pressure after a complicated year. And especially to have a job, because when you have the chance to do what you love, it’s all about happiness. We forget all that a little and we work carefully.

Do you have any wishes for the future of your character, if season 6 there is?

There are always desires. If season 6 is there, that’s a good question. There may be one, it will depend on the hearings, as always. I don’t really want to say too much how season 5 ends for Alex, for his couple, but there is always things to do, to write. We’ll see.


You started acting very young. Did you always know that was what you wanted to do with your life?

I knew that very early on, yes. I started with ads when I was 4 years old and I quickly got a taste for it. I could not do without castings, film sets. I was either at school or on a set. It’s part of my life, I grew up in it. And today when I’m not filming, I’m not really myself. It was a fairly young revelation. And I don’t know if I can do something else … Yes, I paint a little on the side. But acting is something that has given me a lot and helped me a lot in my life.

We saw you in The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain when you were a child. Is that still a good memory?

It remains a wonderful memory. To film with Jean-Pierre Jeunet at 10, to be chosen among more than 400 children to play Bretodeau as a child, who has his ears pulled … It was a great experience. And that’s what gave me a taste for cinema and series. It was kind of the trigger for everything for me.

Other than a possible season 6 of Sam, do you have any other upcoming projects you can talk about? Cinema cravings?

I was to play in a play in 2020. I was to play Cœlio in Les Caprices de Marianne but it was canceled because of the health crisis. But I think we’re going to do it anyway. I do not yet know in which theater we are seeing. And if not, I am waiting for answers. And the cinema, I dream of it, of course. I do castings, I do everything for. Hoping that this season 5 of Sam gives me more visibility. But it is certain that my goal is to move more towards the cinema.

Interview on December 16, 2020 by phone.

The trailer for season 5 of Sam, which continues tonight at 9:05 pm on TF1:

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