Sam season 6: Chantal Ladesou, Thierry Neuvic, and Francis Perrin join the TF1 series - News Séries

Sam season 6: Chantal Ladesou, Thierry Neuvic, and Francis Perrin join the TF1 series – News Séries

Shooting from today, season 6 of “Sam”, which will see the heroine played by Natacha Lindinger settle in the countryside, will welcome, among others, Chantal Ladesou, Francis Perrin, Barbara Cabrita, Cécile Rebboah, and Noom Diawara.

Gilles Gustine / TF1

Season 6 will be more than ever the season of change and renewal for Sam. Composed of six new episodes, this sixth salvo, which is expected to be broadcast in early 2022 on TF1, begins filming today and welcomes many faces. known to viewers, including Chantal Ladesou and Francis Perrin.

Eight months after his “failed marriage” with Antoine and his resignation from National Education, Sam is starting from scratch in this new season. Exit Franconville and head for the small rural village of Saint-Paul-Le-Truchon, where “Sam will once again be” a fish out water “, confronting an environment that she does not know, and that from the outset she does not like”, told us a few months ago the producer of the series, Aline Panel.

Propelled into a school out of contract, Sam must face a direction stuck in its principles of another time. How far will she dare to go to win? Where usually Sam was the pillar, the queen at the heart of his court … In this new place, she is the guest, the outsider. And she will no longer control anything, especially since she cannot count on the support of Xavier, who has to face a major shock which radically explodes his life.

Stéphane Hoarau / 2018 Sound and light / François Lefebvre / TF1

If Natacha Lindinger, Fred Testot (Xavier), and Charlotte Gaccio (Aurélie) will always be the headliners of the series, the cast of this sixth season will be largely renewed. Barbara Cabrita (H24, Escape), in the shoes of a teacher, Chantal Ladesou (What is this granny?), Francis Perrin (Mongeville), Thierry Neuvic (Mafiosa, Juste un regard), Noom Diawara (What -what we did to the Good Lord?), and Cécile Rebboah (The Red Bracelets) indeed join the series in roles that have, for the most part, not yet been revealed.

Just do we know that the elitist school which will serve as a framework for the new episodes of Sam will be held “by a very demanding and very republican lady” which could therefore probably be embodied by Chantal Ladesou or Cécile Rebboah.

Shooting from April 12 to July 30, season 6 of Sam will be directed by Philippe Lefebvre and written by Camille Pouzol, Alexandra London, Stephan Guerin-Tillié, and Gilles Verdiani.

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