Sam on TF1: a date for season 6 that will change everything with Chantal Ladesou and Thierry …

Season 6 of “Sam”, which will take the form of a sort of reboot with a departure of the heroine played by Natacha Lindinger in the countryside, will arrive at the beginning of January on TF1. With Chantal Ladesou, Thierry Neuvic, and Barbara Cabrita in the casting.

Sam on tf1: a date for season 6 that will change everything with chantal ladesou and thierry...
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A little less than a year after the end of the broadcast of season 5, Sam will make his comeback on TF1 on Monday January 3 at 9:05 p.m. for an unprecedented season 6 in the form of a reboot that promises to blow a breath of fresh air on the series by propelling its heroine to the countryside, to a whole new school, and by renewing part of the cast.

Eight months after his “failed marriage” with Antoine and his resignation from National Education, Sam (Natacha Lindinger) is starting from zero at the start of this new season. Exit Franconville, our rebellious ex-teacher takes us with her to a small rural village, Saint-Paul-Le-Truchon, where she finds herself a teacher in a non-contracted school. A new environment in which she will have to face a management stuck in its principles from another time.

How far will she dare to go to win? Where usually Sam was the pillar, the queen at the heart of her court, she is here the guest, the outsider … And she will no longer master anything, especially as she cannot count on the support of Xavier (Fred Testot), who for his part has to face a major shock that radically explodes his life.

“For me, season 5 is the end of a cycle. Anyway, I feel like the series works well in the 5-season cycle in general. So, with season 6, we’re going to bring enough novelty to start again on new bases, as if we were in season 1 “, explained the producer Aline Panel at the beginning of the year. “In a different context, with different characters around Sam. What the Danes did as early as season 4, when Rita went back to her hometown to work at the school she attended when she was young.”.

“[Ce nouveau départ] allows us to renew all our school issues because the socio-professional fabric around will not be the same. We will have children of farmers for example. I thought it was interesting, that it continued to appeal to everyone. And Sam will once again be “a fish out water”, confronting an environment that she does not know, and that from the outset she does not like “.

“It is a school which, for the moment, is on the 19th century mode, very elitist”, continues the producer. “Because it still exists in France, in certain small towns. (…) And Sam will arrive in there, a little constrained and forced at the beginning. And she will not be able to prevent herself from being Sam and putting on a big kick in the anthill “.

Sam on tf1: a date for season 6 that will change everything with chantal ladesou and thierry...

And if we will obviously find around Natacha Lindinger Fred Testot, Fanny Gilles (Véro), and Charlotte Gaccio (Aurélie), who is also the one who will attract Sam to the campaign, this sixth season will also be marked by the arrival of a slew of new faces.

Starting with Chantal Ladesou, who will lend her features to Anne-Marie, the director of the school in which Sam will become a French teacher. But also Barbara Cabrita (H24), Thierry Neuvic, Noom Diawara (What did we do to God?), Or even Jean-Noël Brouté (Aline).

Directed by Philippe Lefebvre, the eight episodes of season 6 of Sam will therefore constitute the beginning of a new chapter for the successful TF1 series adapted from the Danish drama Rita. It remains to be seen whether former characters, such as the children of the heroine played by Kevin Dias, Roxane Bret, and Valentin Byls could still make appearances there. Answer in January on TF1.

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