SALTO: movies and series to watch in June 2021: Nancy Drew, Yellowstone, Spider-man ... - News Séries on TV

SALTO: movies and series to watch in June 2021: Nancy Drew, Yellowstone, Spider-man … – News Séries on TV

Lucie Reeb
Lucie Reeb

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Passionate about series since a young age, she watches everything, but keeps a special place in her heart for series for teens.

Salto has just unveiled its program of films and series for the month of June. Between “Nancy Drew”, season 2 of “Intelligence” and Sam Raimi’s “Spider-man” trilogy, you won’t be bored!

The CW

Unpublished series to come

June 1st : Nancy Drew – season 1 Drama / Crime
Adapted from the eponymous novel series, Nancy Drew is an 18-year-old aspiring detective who, following the death of her mother, put her college plans on hold and now works as a waitress in her small hometown. The murder of a young woman, which could well be linked to an old ghost story, will propel her in spite of herself in an investigation which is beyond her and which will force her to unearth deeply buried secrets.

JUNE 9 : Intelligence – season 2 Comedy
Jerry Bernstein, NSA agent, has lost none of his ardor. Against all expectations, he is the inventor of a cyber-weapon which finds itself in the hands of the Russians. He alone is capable of disarming her… For his part, his teammate Joseph, always equal to himself, is too busy dreaming of a romance with his colleague Charlotte to assist him. What will this improbable duo have in store for us? This quirky British sitcom brings back the endearing David Schwimmer (Friends).

JUNE 11 : Horizon Station – seasons 1 Drama
After 25 years of absence, Joris returns to the land of his childhood to honor his father who died recently. Taken by nostalgia, he decides to stay and rubs shoulders with his former rival Raymond Héritier. While he thought he was just passing through, his return shares the community and rekindles the tensions of the past.

JUNE 18 : Yellowstone – season 2 Drama / Western
Kevin Costner is back for the second season of Yellowstone. Between alliances, unsolved murders, still open wounds, John Dutton nevertheless remains determined to protect his ranch and the family heritage by all necessary means.

The main upcoming films

June 1st : Sam Raimi’s Spider-man Trilogy
Spider-man 2
Spider-man 3

JUNE 11 : Gérard Depardieu Collection
36 Quai des Goldsmiths
The Valseuses
Guardian Angels
When I was a singer

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