SALTO: movies and series to watch in August 2021: Vikings, Nancy Drew …

SALTO: movies and series to watch in August 2021: Vikings, Nancy Drew

The month of August promises to be rich in films and series on Salto. Between the complete “Vikings”, season 2 of “Nancy Drew” and the collection dedicated to Francis Veber, you will not have time to get bored!

History Channel

Upcoming series

AUGUST 6 : Vikings – seasons 1 to 6A Drama / Historical
Scandinavia, at the end of the 8th century. Ragnar Lodbrok, a young Viking warrior, is eager for adventures and new conquests. Tired of plundering the lands of the East, he took it into his head to explore the West by sea. Despite the disapproval of his leader, Haraldson, he trusted the signs and the will of the gods, building a new generation of vessels, lighter and faster …

AUGUST 27 : Nancy Drew – season 2 Drama / Crime
In this new burst of episodes, which picks up directly after the events of Season 1, Ryan attempts to redeem himself by forging a father-daughter bond with Nancy while keeping his parentage to the rest of her powerful family a secret. She will also find a way forward with her adoptive father Carson Drew by becoming an investigator for his law firm. His adventures lead members of the Drew team to solve isolated cases, experience new love stories and reinvent themselves.

The main upcoming films

AUGUST 6 : The Pierre Salvadori collection
After you
some real lies
The trainees

13 AUGUST : The Arcady and Bruel collection
Like the 5 fingers of the hand
The sacred union
Sirocco’s shot

20 AUGUST : The Francis Veber collection
The goat
The fugitives
The Jaguar
The bully

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