SALTO: films and series to watch in September 2021: Germinal, Tom Raider …

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The Salto streaming platform has just unveiled its program of films and series for the month of September. On the program: the event fiction “Germinal”, the romantic comedy “Letters to Juliet” and the action film “Tom Raider”.

Upcoming series

September 1st : Germinal – season 1 Drama / Historical

Etienne Lantier’s fight in the settlements. Instigator of a strike against the Compagnie des Mines which decreed the reduction of the wages of the miners who already have difficult working conditions. This event mini-series is adapted from the novel by Emile Zola.

SEPTEMBER 3 : Ambitions – season 1 Drama

A woman has just moved and wishes, at the same time, to breathe new life into her marriage. She will find herself confronted with the most powerful people – but also dishonest – in her new living environment.

SEPTEMBER 17 : The Sherlock Chronicles – Season 1 Police officer

Jack the Ripper leaves behind several victims and escapes from London to St. Petersburg. Sherlock Holmes leaves Doctor Watson in England and pursues the murderer as far as Russia. There he meets Doctor Kartsev, to whom he rents a room. Dr. Kartsev begins to help him solve very strange, confusing and complicated crimes.

The main upcoming films

Like a chef by Daniel Cohen

Mr & Mrs Smith by Doug Liman
Oliver Stone’s Snowden
Letters to Juliet from Gary Winick

One day by Lone Scherfig
Tom Raider of Roar Uthaug

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