SALTO: films and series to watch in March 2021: The Big Bang Theory, The Grave, Clockwork Orange …

Salto has just unveiled its program of films and series for the month of March. Between “Broadchurch”, “A confession” or the Stanley Kubrick collection, discover what awaits you!

SALTO films and series to watch in March 2021 The

New series

4 MARCH : The Grave – season 1 Drama
Following an earthquake, three human skeletons are discovered at the bottom of a huge pit inside a nature reserve. DNA tests on the bones reveal that they are the bodies of three people who are still alive …

12TH OF MARCH : Crisis staff – season 1 Thriller
Worn by André Dussollier, this still unprecedented series takes us behind the scenes of an international humanitarian agency. Suzanne Fontana was appointed head of an international humanitarian agency, at the same time as ten employees were kidnapped in Yemen. Will she have to break with her idealistic convictions to bring the hostages back alive?

MARCH 18 : Cry Wolf – season 1 Drama / Crime
Domestic violence and the voice of the child are at the heart of this Danish drama. When Holly, a 14-year-old teenager, denounces, in a school essay, the violence she endures by her stepfather, she and her brother Theo are placed in a home by Lars, a social worker. The parents, Dea and Simon, deny all the accusations outright. Who is telling the truth? Should we always believe what children say?

MARCH, 31ST : A confession – season 1 Drama / Crime
Created by Jeff Pope, a specialist in True Crime, this English series is adapted from the true story of Steve Fulcher, a detective here played by Martin Freeman, who will not hesitate to violate the procedure to capture a killer. Will this decision cost him his career and his reputation?

Other upcoming series

MARCH 5 : The Big Bang Theory – seasons 1 to 12 Comedy
A true hymn to geek culture, this sitcom follows a group of 4 somewhat stuck scientists who will see their lives turned upside down by the arrival of a new neighbor. With twelve seasons on the clock and a spin-off (Young Sheldon), The Big Bang Theory has today become a classic of the genre.

DURING MARCH : Broadchurch – seasons 1 to 3 Drama / Crime
Often copied but never equaled, Broadchurch is an English crime drama series worn by David Tennant and Olivia Colman. A small community finds itself in the media spotlight after the death of a little boy. Two investigators are tasked with resolving this delicate matter, while trying to keep the press at bay and preserve tourism. Faced with such a drama, the inhabitants begin to spy on each other, bringing to the surface many secrets …

The main upcoming films

MARCH 19 : The Claude Chabrol collection
At the heart of the lie
The flower of evil

MARCH 26 : The Stanley Kubrick collection
Full Metal Jacket
Clockwork Orange
2001: a space odyssey
Doctor Strangelove