SALTO: 5 must-see French series to (re) discover on the platform

SALTO: 5 must-see French series to (re) discover on the platform

Did they escape you when they were released? Discover our selection of favorite French fictions about Salto, from detective series to family drama, including thrillers and a touch of fantasy.

Salto: 5 must-see french series to (re) discover on the platform

Astrid and Raphaëlle (2019)

Commander Raphaëlle Coste (Lola Dewaere), stormy and messy, meets Astrid Nieslen (Sara mortensen), an archivist with a particularly acute gift of observation, passionate about solving puzzles. A boon for the investigator, who finds herself confronted with apparently insoluble murders. Declared with Asperger’s autism since childhood, Astrid illustrates the difficulties of social adaptation that the “Aspie” can suffer from, while emphasizing the crucial need for rituals and solid benchmarks to be able to move forward. Thanks to her frank side, Raphaëlle, vector from the viewer’s point of view, takes Astrid as she is, and shoulders her with patience and kindness. Astrid and Raphaëlle is a refreshing procedural series in which the two heroines form a complementary and endearing duo and which aptly represents autism, at a time when it is still too often considered in France as a mental illness or a handicap.

Laetitia (2020)

Through a sober and refined staging, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (3 X Manon, Influence games) treats with restraint and modesty this news item which upset France in 2011. By making brilliant use of the sociological study traced in the eponymous book by Ivan Jablonka (Prix Médicis 2016), he delivers a moving legal chronicle, thanks to his committed words and the dignity given to the people involved. Message from Laetitia is final: “feminism must be everyone’s business, and above all, men’s“as the actor Yannick Choirat recalled, who plays Chief Warrant Officer Frantz Touchais in charge of the case. While France has on average a woman killed every three days by her spouse or ex-companion, series is presented as a citizen manifesto, allowing us to lift the veil on the flaws in the legal system and denounce the ordinary violence that is unfolding before our eyes. What more could you ask for from a societal fiction?

The Lie (2020)

Mayor of his city, Claude (Daniel Auteuil) is destined to become a senator, the ultimate achievement of his life that he has succeeded, both in his career and in his marriage. It was then that Lucas, his beloved grandson (Victor Meutelet), badly in his skin while his parents divorce, one day accuses him of incest. Their lives will be turned upside down before the truth finally comes to light, fifteen years later. Taken from a true story, that of the Iacono affair that occurred in 2000, Le Mensonge is a sober and rigorous dramatic fiction that tackles the French legal process head-on. Director Vincent Garenq manages to deal with a delicate subject without ever falling into sensationalism, thanks to the accuracy of its reconstruction and the solidity of its two main actors.

In 2013, a young couple moved into a house in Provence, discovered that it was haunted by the ghost of a little girl, who died in 1969 in strange circumstances. At the same time, in 1986, the girl from another family living in the same house befriended the ghost. What really happened in 1969? Past and present merge in Elise’s Secret, a six-episode fantasy drama adapted from the British series Marchlands. Popular success which fascinated the public at the time of its release in 2016, the series unravels its plot on three different temporalities and presents a cast of actors very familiar with the small screen: Julie de Bona, Bruno Salomone and Hélène de Fougerolles notably give the reply to Bénabar. An instant classic from TF1 that it is not too late to discover on the platform!

SALTO: 5 must-see French series to (re) discover on the platform

Adaptation of the eponymous Quebec series and taken from real events, Pour Sarah retraces the investigation of Captain Zerrouki (Aure Atika) to shed light on what happened to two 18-year-old teenagers, Sarah and Cédric, found between life and death next to a wrecked car in the early morning, when she discovers that her own daughter was with them a few hours before the tragedy … Eden ducourant (The Tickles) and Clement Remiens (Tomorrow Belongs to Us) carry this dramatic mini-series about the torments of adolescence and the unspoken things that tear a small seaside community apart, alongside Francois-Xavier Demaison, Thomas Jouannet and Audrey Dana.

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