Salto: 5 British series to devour on the platform

There are not only the French series on Salto! “Downton Abbey ‘”, “Quiz” and other quality British series can be found on the platform. Discover our selection.

Salto 5 British series to devour on the platform

DOWNTON ABBEY – The Complete

The heirs of Downton Abbey having perished in the sinking of the Titanic, the Crawley family finds themselves in a delicate position, the three descendants not being able to claim the title of Lord Grantham. However, the title, the domain and the fortune of the family are inseparable. Matthew Crawley, new successor and distant cousin, arrives at Downton Abbey. There he discovered a new lifestyle, with very strict rules governing life between aristocrats and servants.

Perhaps you missed the Downton Abbey phenomenon a few years ago? The British series with 6 seasons (plus a film) which has toured the world has not aged a bit and is always binge-watche with delight for those who love history, beautiful costumes, luxurious sets, large tragedies, high betrayals, English humor, Maggie Smith … Not dusty at all, even downright current, she tells the class struggle like no other, with a four-star cast, chiseled writing and stringy dialogues. And winter is the perfect time to dive in, obviously with a blanket and tea.


A portrait of the leader of the liberal party Jeremy Thorpe, accused of conspiracy and incitement to murder on the person of Norman Scott, his former lover …

Adapted from a true story, this 3-part mini-series that marks the eventful collaboration between Russell T Davies, creator of Queer As Folk and Years and Years, and filmmaker Stephen Frears, stars Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw in a memorable face to face. This scandal that shook England from 1976 to 1979 is revisited through the prism of dark and sour comedy, with a touch of triviality. A must-see happily uninhibited!

QUIZ – Mini-series

The incredible but true story of Charles Ingram and his wife Diana, who became famous in England in the early 2000s, when they cheated at the game “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” with the help of an accomplice hidden in the audience of the show …

Quiz is an utterly English and utterly successful miniseries, which manages to entertain, amaze and even move, with a hint of nostalgia for the 2000s. There were a thousand ways to tell the incredible story from the great cheating to the cult game Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ? and screenwriter James Graham chose to do it concisely, in 3 episodes, and removed. With the help of the legend Stephen Frears in the staging (again him), he took the part of taking an amused look at this affair – yet dramatic in many aspects – which tells in hollow at the same time England yesterday and today, but also the sometimes destructive power of television on a fragile and easily influenced society. Another era, unless …


Helen, Jake and Natalie are very upset when their recently widowed mother, Vivien, reveals to them that she is in love with a new man. The announcement has the effect of a bomb, especially as Mark, a retired surgeon, seems to put distance between her and her children. Years of long buried grudges, rivalries and betrayals then resurface and threaten to destroy the bonds between the members of the tribe.

In four episodes, this series which is not intended to return for a season 2 manages to make a whole family ultra-endearing and this despite characters not really friendly at first. And above all, by delving into their nasty little secrets, she manages to dig into their psychology with finesse. Between the thriller, the thriller and the comedy with a little tone a la Desperate Housewives not unpleasant, Flesh and Blood is not revolutionary but devilishly effective and will make you want to go to the denouement, not disappointing.

THE SISTER – Coming soon

Nathan lives happily with Holly. But behind his apparent smile, he hides a terrible secret. Three years earlier, he was instrumental in the disappearance of his sister Elise. Soon Bob, the only person who knows about this fact, finds Nathan to share some terrifying news …

The creator of Luther, Neil cross, is back with a 4-part mini-series adapted from his own book, The man who dreamed of burying his past. A paranoid thriller with an atmosphere very close to horror, featuring Russell Tovey (Years and Years, Quantico) and Bertie Carvel (Doctor Foster), absolutely impeccable. Strange, disturbing, mysterious, The Sister has a bewitching charm.