Salt on W9: why did Tom Cruise quit the project?

“Salt,” starring Angelina Jolie, airs tonight on W9. On this occasion, return to an interesting aspect of the production of this action film released in 2010: the main role was to be played by Tom Cruise!

Released in 2010, Salt is a sort of female Jason Bourne seeing Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent accused of being a spy in the service of Russia.

Forced to flee, she will call on her remarkable expertise to escape those who stalk her, including in her own camp, and try to understand who is behind this vast plot.

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Angelina Jolie

The feature film directed by Phillip Noyce is worn by a very fit Angelina Jolie in the skin of this seasoned spy, adept in fighting techniques. But, when the project was in its infancy, it was not the actress who was to play this character, but a certain … Tom Cruise (the title role of the film was originally an agent in calling Edwin A. Salt)!

The actor, however, withdrew because he found that this protagonist came too close to that of Ethan Hunt, whom he has played in the lucrative action saga Mission: Impossible since 1996.

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Used to physical roles (Tomb Raider, Wanted, etc.), Angelina Jolie then showed interest in the project (she had already collaborated with the director on the thriller Bone Collector). The production was also seduced by this idea and agreed to attribute the character to him. Kurt Wimmer and Brian Helgeland then rewrote the screenplay so that Edwin A. Salt would become Evelyn Salt.

In the end, Salt turned out to be a decent commercial success. The feature film has garnered nearly $ 291 million in worldwide revenue, for an estimated budget of $ 110 million. So the idea for a sequel quickly emerged, but things didn’t materialize. In 2016, there was talk of the film being adapted for series production, but again the project has stalled.

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