Sailor and Lula are 30 years old: when Nicolas Cage gave a boosted interview for the promotion of the film

The thirtieth anniversary of the film “Sailor and Lula” is the perfect opportunity to watch a cult video featuring a supercharged Nicolas Cage!

Sailor and lula are 30 years old: when nicolas cage gave a boosted interview for the promotion of the film

Thirty years ago, Sailor and Lula came out on our screens, a cult road movie that earned its director David Lynch the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. A feature film entered into the legend of the cinema therefore, but which also remains famous for the completely hallucinating interview given by a supercharged Nicolas Cage to the British channel BBC.

Landing on the set of the show ‘Wogan’ using a more or less mastered pirouette, Nicolas Cage continues by throwing banknotes to the public, under the eyes of a hilarious presenter. Completely swimming, it seems due to the heat generated by the studio projectors, Cage then lends himself to the game of the interview, not without accompanying his responses with cries to the audience. Right in the middle of the interview, the actor even played the great lords by removing his t-shirt Sailor and Lula to offer it to the British journalist, very annoyed at having to accept this somewhat embarrassing offering.

An interview that has remained cult, the full video of which can be found below:

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