Sahar Tabar: Iranian Instagram Celebrity ‘Detained for blasphemy’

Sahar Tabar: Iranian Instagram Celebrity ‘Detained for blasphemy’

An Iranian Instagram star famed for posts that appeared to reveal she had gone to extreme lengths to look like US actress Angelina Jolie was detained, reports say.

Sahar Tabar Iranian Instagram Image source  BBC News 

Sahar Tabar was detained for offenses including blasphemy and instigating violence, Tasnim news agency reported.

Tabar made international headlines last year when photos of her went viral.

Though she had been rumoured to have had 50 plastic surgeries, the majority of the pictures in her articles were heavily edited.

Who’s Sahar Tabar?

The 22-year-old called Sahar Tabar has attracted international media attention for videos and pictures where she looks what was described as a zombie version of Angelina Jolie, reports BBC Middle East analyst Sebastian Usher.

‘I risked everything to dance in Iran’
With sunken cheeks, a hugely plumped up grin and a cartoonishly turned-up nose, she has caused concern within the heaps of cosmetic surgeries she stated she’d undertaken to resemble the American celebrity.

But after intriguing and horrifying her growing audience on Instagram, she hinted that a lot of her ghost-like look was down to make-up and electronic editing – in effect she had turned herself into a type of artistic installation.

What do we know about her arrest?

Judicial police arrested Tabar after members of the public allegedly made complaints about her, Tasnim reported.

She’s accused of blasphemy, instigating violence, illegally obtaining land, insulting the nation’s dress code and encouraging young people to commit corruption.

Sahar Tabar Iranian Instagram Image source BBC News

Her Instagram has since been deleted.

She joins a long list of online Iranian influencers and style bloggers that have fallen foul of this law.

The report of her detention has sparked online denunciation of the government, with a single tweet sarcastically suggesting she should have indulged in less incendiary pursuits, such as embezzlement and murder.

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