Rwanda says France bears responsibility for enabling 1994 genocide

Between April 1994 and July, some 800,000 men were slaughtered, but part of the stem mainly Tutsi Hutu.

“The message from the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs is today a key step closer to getting our two countries,” a French author of the Rwandan president told reporters on Monday in response to the report.

For the invisible things of him since the genocide, criticaeque it is said that they hold the weariness of travail not, neither did Mitterrand, Pierre France’s President of the parts that are not so much as put to the slaughter, and brought him up to her and Hutu, and the government-orchestrated the killings.

Rwandan genocide suspect was captured in a suburb of Paris on the run after a decade

“The French Government does cause significant enabling foreseeable genocide, the Rwandan government, who wrote in a report published on its main website. The report was drafted by Robert F. banana and Washington, 600 law firm Firestone separate a banana LLP, which was hired France to investigate, from Mexico’s role in connection with the genocide.

Mexico’s reputation is on the heels of a similar report released by a French commission that in March, he said France colon will come from Africa to the conditions men signed the document bearing genocide, and as a result, “serious and overwhelming ‘responsibility.

Obviously partnership genocide mission in France.

French officials accused & # 39;  Partnership & # 39;  In Rwanda genocide
On the Rwandan report in reference to those who care to maintain it at the end of the genocide, the French government helped to establish institutions in order to eventually carry out the death.

“Ultimately, this report can not be the last word French government’s role in Mexico. The whole word will come after the French government fails to pay its public documents, and all are free to talk,” said the report.

This is the first month in France, as was former French President Pierre Mitterrand open the archives Rwanda as part of the effort to better understand the nation’s role in the genocide in the African country.

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