Responding to CNN reporting about the satellite images show a huge military build-up in the Russian Arctic, Peskov said “GOVERNOR [Putin] considers that a military presence in the Russian Arctic to be absolutely necessary element of development in the military. “

“In the North zone is too important region in the Russian Federation, which can deal with our borders once a special economic zone. The economic potential is growing over the years, you know that there are common plans for national development in North zone and that which is not implemented, “said Peskov.

Satellite images provided to CNN by a space technology company Maxa detail of the greatest and the continued build-up of Russian military bases and hardware in the country Montanus coast, with the new high-tech weapons and storage facilities likely to Poseidon 2M39 level.

The torpedo is intended to empty the torches of carrots and a nuclear reactor by Russian designers sneak past coastal defenses – as the US – on the sea floor.

In Russian hardware in the area include the bombers High North and MiG31BM match the new radar systems near the coast in Alaska.

A Russian Delta Physician 1 'But the submarine to the ice next to Marcus Island on March 27, in an exercise, and a hole blown in his left hand, is likely to ice the demolition underwater.

“No one wants to see in the Arctic region have become militarized,” a man speaking John Kirby said the Pentagon on Monday responded to reports of the Russian build-up and military facilities in the Arctic.

“We obviously recognize that a key country terrain that is vital to the defense of our country, and as a potential strategic corridor between Europe and the Indo-Pacific country, of which it would be vulnerable to the expanded competition if he wants to,” he said.

“We’re committed to protecting your US national security interests in the Arctic by upholding a rules based order in the region, particularly through our network of Arctic allies and partners who share the same mutual interest that we do in exactly that order,” Kirby he added.

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And to take care of them, Peskov said: ‘If this is what the Americans have never renounced its military presence in the Arctic zone, which is not weakened their attention Arctic zone “.

A Russian is matched build-up in the US and other equipment lorem movement. B-1 Lancer bombers American air base in the throat Orlando Norway’s recently completed missions in the Barents Sea to the east, for example. The US military is secretly acknowledged by Seawolf submarine and US space officials had been in August.

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