Russell Crowe on Netflix: 3 cult films to catch up on urgently

The Netflix catalog welcomes several film classics with actor Russell Crowe, Oscar winner in 2001 for his role in “Gladiator”. Discover three pearls to catch before they disappear from the platform.

Russell crowe on netflix: 3 cult films to catch up on urgently
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Russell crowe on netflix: 3 cult films to catch up on urgently


The Roman general Maximus is the most faithful supporter of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, whom he led from victory to victory with exemplary bravery and dedication. Jealous of Maximus ‘prestige, and even more of the emperor’s love for him, Marcus Aurelius’ son, Commodus, brutally arrogates to himself power, then orders the general to be executed. Maximus escapes his assassins, becomes a gladiator and prepares his vengeance.

With Gladiator, we are beyond the classic. It is a great film, which received the recognition of the public (739.79 million dollars reported in the world *) and the critics (5 Oscars) and which is perhaps the last great epic of Hollywood cinema. Ridley Scott is in command, with Russell Crowe in the “imperial” role of Maximus.

The film is obviously not without recalling certain aspects of illustrious peplums (Spartacus, in particular) but manages to give a second life to the genre, by offering epic and bloody action scenes. They participate in updating a fairly classic starting point (decay and revenge), spicing it up with a perfectly integrated social dimension. To watch again and again.

* Figures reassessed according to inflation

LA Confidential

Russell crowe on netflix: 3 cult films to catch up on urgently
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Bud white

Los Angeles, 1950s. While the city is subject to a wave of settling of scores after the fall of the boss Mickey Cohen, the criminal police mobilize entirely on the case of The Night Bird, a massacre during which fell a former cop. Three inspectors with a radically different style will be brought together to unravel the threads of a story more complicated than it seems …

These three inspectors are played by Russell Crowe of course, but also Guy Pearce and Kevin Spacey. Their particularity? They all have concerns. The first is traumatized by a difficult past, the second is a “son of” crushed by the exemplary career of his father and desperate to progress in the hierarchy, and the last is a media policeman a little megalomaniac who is also a consultant on a television series.

LA Confidential is one of the best thrillers of recent years, both a tribute to film noir and exuding an atmosphere of suspected corruption, wide-ranging investigation and personal tragedy. A success in every way, and the best film of its director Curtis Hanson, who would sign 8 Mile a few years later with Eminem.

An exceptional man

Russell crowe on netflix: 3 cult films to catch up on urgently

John nash

In 1947, studying mathematics at Princeton University, John Forbes Nash Jr., a brilliant student, developed his economic theory of games. For him, fluctuations in financial markets can be calculated very precisely. His work does not go unnoticed and a representative of the Department of Defense, William Parcher, comes to him to offer to secretly help the United States.

An exceptional man begins as a banal “university film” and gradually turns towards the thriller against a backdrop of conspiracy and paranoia. Nash launches headlong into his government mission, to the point of neglecting his personal life and revealing what was buried very deep in him and was only waiting for a moment of weakness to reappear.

Coming out of Gladiator, Russell Crowe surprises in this role of composition of a man certainly of exception, but with a concern that the film highlights in a very beautiful way. Ron Howard’s camera does not seek to surprise, but on the contrary to capture the talent of Crowe, who bursts the screen.

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