Looking to improve your racing game? How about running a 10km run in the form of an animal or knocking out a personal best while drawing the outline of the beloved cartoon character?

Jeric Yuen, aka @coderunnerguy, creates art using his legs by mapping and walking routes of various shapes which are then captured by his GPS tracker. He normally does a lot of races, but given the lockdown situation he has switched to doing these fun races while also raising money for Spinal Research, and the details he manages to achieve (along with his times and distances). are awesome. He has shared his top five GPS Art races below:

1. Pikachu

“I still clearly remember that day, the 26e April 2020 which was supposed to be my very first London Marathon but due to the pandemic the event has been postponed until October 2020. I drew this cute Pikachu character for the 2.6 Challenge.

2. Shark

“A colleague of mine asked me if I could draw Baby Shark because her daughter loves watching sharks and singing Baby Shark tunes. It took me about two hours to plan the GPS Art which is a half marathon course.

3. Bird

“The GPS Bird art was drawn last year around June as part of a reminder during lockdown that one day we will spread our wings and fly again.

4. Wolf

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell a wolf and a fox without any color. If you look closely you will notice that the wolf is actually thinking of crossing the Thames. It’s a fun GPS art, incorporating the river as part of the drawing. “

5. Unicorn

“A simple, small drawing of a unicorn near the famous Victoria Park.”

Follow Jeric on Instagram for crazier running routes and things to make you smile.

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By Vinod Gill

Chief Editor and reporter. Major onsite works and development.

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