Runaway on TF1: what is the shock series on child prostitution with Michaël Youn worth …

Already available on Salto, “Fugueuse”, with Michaël Youn, Sylvie Testud, and Romane Jolly, begins this Thursday evening on TF1. A shocking series, often disturbing, which sees the life of a teenager sink into the hell of prostitution for love.

What is it about ?

The descent into hell of Lea, a teenager without history surrounded by a loving family, fallen under the influence of an older man who she believes will help her make her dreams come true. Madly in love, she does not realize the manipulation of which she is the victim and blindly sinks into prostitution and violence.

French remake of the Quebec series Fugueuse.

Every Thursday at 9:05 p.m. on TF1 from September 23, and already available on Salto

Who is it with?

Faced with Romane Jolly, the revelation of Fugueuse, who plays the young Léa, who falls into prostitution for love, Michaël Youn, very present at the moment on TF1 since he also appears in the credits of Une Affaire française, and Sylvie Testud camp the distraught parents of the teenager. While Fanny Cottençon, Axel Naroditzky (I promise you), and Vicki Andren (Simon’s Last Life) complete the family portrait in the roles of Léa’s grandmother, older brother, and little sister.

By their side, TF1 viewers will find, among others, Julie Depardieu, Arié Elmaleh, Stanley Weber, model Willy Cartier in the role of Nico, with whom Léa will fall madly in love, but also Mona Berard (The Red Bracelets), Iliès Kadri (The Savages, The Substitute), Shirine Boutella (Lupine, Papicha), and Nathanaël Beausivoir, who will soon be featured in Suprêmes and Mon Ange.

Runaway on tf1: what is the shock series on child prostitution with michaël youn worth...


Well worth a look ?

Already available on Salto for several weeks, and presented a few days ago in competition at the La Rochelle TV Fiction Festival, Fugueuse, directed and co-written by Jérôme Cornuau, is undoubtedly the punchy series of the season. , which tackles quite bluntly a scourge that we do not talk about enough: the prostitution of minors, which would affect between 7,000 and 10,000 children and adolescents in France according to a government report published this summer.

With this adaptation of a Quebec format written by Manon Dillys (Les Ombres Rouges) and Jérôme Cornuau (Peur sur le lac), TF1 once again tackles a real social issue and proves, if some still doubted it, how much her fictions offer has evolved over the past few years and how daring she knows how to be.

By telling in prime-time the descent into hell of a teenage girl like the others, whose daily life will gradually sink into sex and violence out of love for an older boy who will use it and push her to prostitute herself in order to earn easy money.

Of course, Fugueuse, which has six episodes of 52 minutes, does not always avoid clichés on the world of rap (Nico and his sidekick Micka, responsible for Lea’s ordeal, being young rappers who hope to release their first album) and the twists and turns sometimes “too much”.

But it has the merit of raising a real cry of alarm and raising awareness among families and young people of a social phenomenon that is unfortunately more topical than ever. And to remember that this does not happen only to others and that everyone can be caught up in this scourge. And not just the most disadvantaged since Léa, the heroine, is a very normal teenager, from a loving and rather wealthy family.

Runaway on tf1: what is the shock series on child prostitution with michaël youn worth...


Beyond its hard-hitting scenario, which necessarily disturbs with its scenes of nudity, violence, or rape which are not free and obviously serve the difficult purpose of the series, Fugueuse also stands out for its actors, in the together all very fair.

Michaël Youn, once again very good in a more dramatic register, and Sylvie Testud are extremely touching in the skin of these two parents who find it difficult to understand what is happening to their daughter, but who will do everything to save her.

But it is obviously Romane Jolly, the interpreter of Léa, of whom it is the first role on television, who amazes and bursts the screen throughout the six episodes with a score anything but simple, in which she arrives at reveal themselves, from one scene to another, both moving and luminous. While the performances of Willy Cartier, Nathanaël Beausivoir, and Mona Berard are also to be highlighted.

Finally, note that the series has a very nice soundtrack since several titles by singer Yseult, including “Indélébile” and a “Bad Boy” more than ever for the occasion, can be heard throughout the series, participating thus to the atmosphere and the universe so particular of Fugueuse. Yseult who, for the fans, even appears as a guest in his own role at the bend of a tasty sequence with Stanley Weber who plays an infrequent music producer.

We therefore hope that Fugueuse, a daring proposal packed with qualities, will find its audience and will manage to interest young people, not always present in front of their television screens, even if they tend to return to it more since last year’s confinements. . Especially since the new fiction of TF1 has nothing to envy Baby, the Italian Netflix series which was particularly successful with teens and young adults.

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