Run on OCS: did you know that his hero was revealed at Harry Potter?

Run on OCS: did you know that his hero was revealed at Harry Potter?

Run on OCS: did you know that his hero was revealed at Harry Potter?

He is now the hero of “Run”, a new series produced by Phoebe-Waller Bridge for HBO (and OCS in France), after concluding the new trilogy “Star Wars”. But do you remember Domhnall Gleeson in the “Harry Potter” saga?


In the space of a few years, Domhnall Gleeson distinguished himself in the distant galaxy, very distant from Star Wars, in addition to traveling back in time, playing a clone, being confronted with an artificial intelligence in a minimalist and metaphysical SF film. , to illustrate in the snowy survival that is The Revenant or to face Pierre Lapin. The Irish actor has more than once proven the extent of his talent, and it is on the small screen that he continues today in this direction alongside Merritt Weaver (Unbelievable) in Run, new series produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and broadcast on HBO in the United States and OCS in France.

This year 2020 therefore begins rather well for him, while we will soon celebrate the ten years of its revelation to the general public, thanks to the Harry Potter saga. Because it was he who played Bill Weasley, big brother of Ron, Fred, George or Ginny and husband of Fleur Delacour (Clémence Poésy) in the two parts of the Deathly Hallows, released in 2010 and 2011. A fairly short role overall, but undoubtedly crucial for his career, and which gives him the opportunity to play with his father Brendan, interpreter of Moody Fol-Eye since The Goblet of Fire, in what constitutes the fourth of their eight collaborations in which we notably count the very beautiful Calvary, released in 2014 in our cinemas.

The first scene of Domhnall Gleeson in the universe of “Harry Potter”:

The actor is also a follower of family work since he regularly collaborated with his brothers: Brian, whom he directed in particular in a short film before giving him a reply in Mother by Darren Aronofsky; then Rory and Fergus, on the poster of a short directed by their father then of a telefilm written by Domhnall. Which will soon be in the credits of the Frank of Ireland series later this year, once out of the mad race of Run, whose season 1 will last eight episodes.

“Run” is broadcast in US + 24 on OCS:

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