Rumba la vie: who is Louna Espinosa, Franck Dubosc’s daughter in this dance comedy…

Revealed by a successful TF1 series, Louna Espinosa has been playing the comedy “Rumba la vie” since Wednesday. This comedy by and with Franck Dubosc allows him to hold his first big role in the cinema. Back on his journey.

Originally scheduled for January 19, the release of rumba life had been postponed due to the health context. It is finally since August 24 that the public can discover in theaters the new comedy of Frank Dubosc, who officiates both in front of and behind the camera. His previous and first achievement, Everybody stand upattracted 2.3 million viewers.

After Alexandra Lamythe actor and director entrusts the first female role of his new film to a young actress still little known to the general public: Louna Espinosa. In Rumba la vie, Dubosc portrays a fifty-year-old withdrawn into himself who, after a heart attack, decides to reconnect with his daughter whom he abandoned twenty years earlier. For this, he enrolls incognito in the dance classes she provides.

“Reading the script, I was immediately touched by the romanticism of the story. At first, there is no relationship between Tony and his daughter, and it’s quite sad to see, but a bond will be tied together through dancing and singing. It seemed to me both beautiful and hopeful”confides the actress, who landed her first big role in the cinema here.

Revealed by Les Bracelets Rouges

After having practiced many sports as a teenager (including synchronized swimming at competitive level) and studied the violin at the Conservatory, it is finally towards comedy that Louna Espinosa heads when she is still in high school. At 17, she responded to an advertisement for a casting and met a talent agent who invited her to do a drama internship.

Following this training, she made her acting debut on television in TV movies. The Price of Truth and Pauline’s Lawbefore landing his first major role in the TF1 series in 2018 Red Wristbands which follows a gang of hospitalized teenagers. For three seasons, she stood out for her performance as the anorexic Roxanne.

Three films in 2022

This year, the young actress is appearing in no less than three feature films: in addition to Rumba la vie, we have seen her in the drama Lights in the night with Ana Girardotstill in theaters, and she will be back in the dramatic comedy Scoundrels with François Cluzet.

Rumba la vie: who is louna espinosa, franck dubosc's daughter in this dance comedy...

For her role as a dance teacher in Rumba la vie, she trained for a month with the choreographer and dancer Denitsa Ikonomovaknown for the show Dance with the stars : “I was lucky that she was not discouraged by all the work to be done and that she was extremely pedagogical. So, even if it was intense, and you had to keep a steady pace, with her and my partner, learning was so fun that I always wanted to go further.”

As for Franck Dubosc, who both gave her the line and directed her, she describes him as “hardworking, precise and very kind” as a director, and “very generous” as a partner. An experience rich in lessons for this young actress: “We are very different and, thanks to him, I learned that I could immerse myself in a universe foreign to mine without denying my personality.”

Franck Dubosc and Louna Espinosa talk to our micro Rumba about life:

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