Let The “Royal Rajasthan On Wheels” Give You The Ride Of A Lifetime


At 4:30 pm, as the sun begins to paint Delhi’s dusky evening sky orange and yellow, the sleepy engine of the “Royal Rajasthan on Wheels” comes into motion, slow and determined like all the night’s freighters. Runs on the track at speed. Slowly, the luxurious train departs Delhi and enters Rajasthan, offering glimpses of mighty forts, grand palaces and bright colors on its roads.

The train covers popular tourist attractions of Rajasthan, also some wonderful cities like, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur, Khajuraho (Madhya Pradesh), Varanasi and Agra (Uttar Pradesh), before returning to Delhi.

Everything you need to know about the luxurious Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Features of the luxurious Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Red furniture inside a luxurious train


This luxury train comes with 14 luxury cabins which are named after the royal palaces of Rajasthan. Some of the cabins are named: Hawa Mahal, Padmini Mahal, Kishori Mahal, Phool Mahal and one super deluxe coach is named Taj Mahal. Those cabins are divided into deluxe and super deluxe suites, which are equipped with satellite TV, WiFi, music system, washroom and temperature control system.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels also has two dining cars named Swarn Mahal and Sheesh Mahal. While the interior of the Golden Palace is made of brass and beautiful gold, the Sheesh Mahal is decorated with dazzling floor lamps and gorgeous crystal pelmets. Not only this, the train also has a souvenir coach where passengers can choose from a wide range of handicraft products and clothing. It also has a spa and an entertainment area.

train fare: Deluxe Cabin: US$625 per person per night on twin sharing | Deluxe Cabin Single: USD 875 per person per night | Super Deluxe Suite: US$1700 per cabin per night

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Route and Itinerary of Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Rajasthan route on wheels


day 3: (Udaipur) Royal Rajasthan on Wheels reaches Udaipur at 8:00 am and passengers have their lunch onboard. Udaipur is known for its gorgeous lakes and mansion gardens. Also known as the “Venice of the East”, this city is home to the most amazing palaces. After lunch the train leaves at 2:30.

day 3:(Chittorgarh) Luxury trains reach Chittorgarh at 4:45 am. Chittorgarh Fort is a treasure trove of history that gives information about the life of Rajput rulers. The light and sound show at Rana Kumbha Palace is worth watching. After the search, the train leaves at 10 pm.

Blue coach with luxurious bed in a luxury train


day 4:(Sawai Madhopur) Train arrives Sawai Madhopur at 5:30 am. Sawai Madhopur is mainly known for Ranthambore Fort and National Park. Tourists can catch a glimpse of Bengal tigers and other animals in the forest. The train leaves at 11:00 am.

day 4: (Jaipur) Train reaches Jaipur at 1:15 pm. The “Pink City” welcomes travelers with the grand and imposing Hawa Mahal, old bazaars and the wonderful City Palace. The train leaves at 10:15 pm.

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A luxurious coach with a bed and sofa in a luxurious train


day 5: (Khajuraho) Royal Rajasthan on Wheels reaches Khajuraho at 11:00 am. Khajuraho has a series of temples known for their erotic sculptures. Temples in Madhya Pradesh were built between the 9th and 12th centuries. After the search, the train leaves at 6:30 pm.

day 6: (Varanasi) train reaches Banaras at 6:00 am. Banaras or Varanasi is a religious city about 3000 years old. A city of wonderful ghats and river Ganga, it reflects the culture of rural India. The train leaves at 6:00 pm.

a lavish rajasthani thali


day 7: (Agra) Train reaches Agra at 5:00 am. Home to one of the most stunning heritage monuments, the Taj Mahal, the city of Agra lets travelers experience the art, architecture and culture of India. The train leaves at 11:00 pm.

day 8: (Delhi) Train reaches Delhi at 7:00 AM and passengers checkout at 7:45 AM.

Are you all ready to experience this journey through Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh? Although it will burn a hole in your pocket, if you can afford it, you should definitely try it. Here is a Rajasthan destination guide that will help you know a little more about the state.

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