Rousseau’s fault: behind the scenes of season 2 with Charlie Dupont and the young…

A few months ago, AlloCiné was able to go to the set of “La Faute à Rousseau”, of which France 2 is broadcasting two new episodes this evening. Meeting with Charlie Dupont, producer Lou Gauthier, and the young actors of season 2.

Currently broadcast every Wednesday evening on France 2, the second season of Rousseau’s fault was shot from August to December 2021 in the Paris region, and in particular in Savigny-sur-Orge, within the Jean-Baptiste Corot high school, which already served as the main set for season 1 and is once again hosting the school scenes of this season. new batch of episodes.

On November 4, AlloCiné was able to attend a day of filming for season 2 of La Faute à Rousseau, while the teams of the series adapted from the Spanish format Merli took advantage of the school holidays to box as many sequences as possible from episodes 4 to 6, produced by Anne Fassioin this real high school deserted by the majority of its students.

And finding the right school was no easy feat when filming the first season in 2020, as the producer told us. Lou Gauthier : “It was quite complicated. Our scouts traveled all over Île-de-France and contacted many high schools. A filming session is two weeks during school holidays, but we are also present outside school holidays. We had to find an establishment that accepted this shooting schedule”.

“And then, on La Faute à Rousseau, we try not to shoot in Paris, or in any case not to identify Paris in the series. So there were magnificent high schools in the Paris region, but they were too “big high schools Parisians” for us. That was not the idea for this series, we really wanted to tell the story of everyone’s France. And we also wanted to have a lot of exteriors. Because there is a need to breathe, outside of the scenes classrooms and home interiors. So it was not easy but we finally found it and we are delighted”.

Rousseau's fault: behind the scenes of season 2 with charlie dupont and the young...
Jean-Philippe BALTEL – DEMD PROD – FTV

As soon as we arrived at Jean-Baptiste Corot, Lou Gauthier introduced us to the emblematic setting of La Faute à Rousseau: Benjamin Rousseau’s classroom (Charlie Dupont), which was specially built in a former dance hall. In order not to interfere with the life of the school during the days of filming “outside school holidays” and to offer more ease to the directors and the technical teams, with a greater height under ceiling for the lighting and movable walls.

It is therefore in this class unlike the others that extras (including Martin Daquinex-actor of tomorrow belongs to us that can be seen in several scenes), a handful of real high school students of Jean-Baptiste Corot, and main actors like Louis Duneton, Dembo CamiloWhere Louvia Bachelorgive the reply throughout this season 2 shortened to six episodes instead of eight.

“I salute the authors who had written eight episodes and who had to go to six episodes in two months”admits between two scenes Charlie Dupont, who explains to us that the will of France 2 is now to offer on each series of 52 minutes seasons composed of only six episodes.

Dembo, Andréa, Lucie, Grégoire… meeting with the gang from La Faute à Rousseau

That day, the actors of La Faute à Rousseau put on scenes from episodes 4 and 6. And in particular a sequence from the fourth episode, “Gaëtan and the war”, during which the results of admission to the preparatory class create strong tensions between Gaëtan (Dembo Camilo) and Morgane (Lucie Vagenheim).

Because after a critically acclaimed debut last year, the France 2 series goes even further in these very successful new episodes and relies on themes that are more than ever in tune with the times to build its plots, from harassment to transidentity, through positive discrimination, teenage pregnancy, or alcoholism and a taste for partying pushed to the extreme among some high school students. Topics that seduced the young actors at the center of this season 2.

“This series allows us to tackle a lot of themes that we are talking about a lot at the moment in the news, such as harassment or transidentity”entrusts Andrea Furetthe revelation of He is shewho lends her features to Léna, the teenager born in a boy’s body who hesitates to undergo the operation that will allow her to complete her transition. “These themes are dealt with quite in depth, we don’t stay on the surface. It’s strong over 52 minutes”. Since, as a reminder, each episode tackles a subject of society through a notion of philosophy such as nature, responsibility, or authority.

If some, like Dembo Camilo, well known to fans ofHere it all starts or of I promise yourecognized themselves in their character (“There was something about the character that was a bit like my everyday situation. He doesn’t give himself the choice to succeed, he absolutely wants to succeed for his family, he gets high for the best possible future”), others, like Lucie Vagenheim, who says she has “binge season 1” before passing the tests, were seduced by the writing of the series created by Agatha Robillard and Thomas Boulle.

Rousseau's fault: behind the scenes of season 2 with charlie dupont and the young...

“Writing opens the debate”explains Lucie Vagenheim, who plays Morgane, a high school student victim of sexual assault by a renowned pianist in episode 5. “This morning, we shot a scene where two racialized people like Dembo and I are talking about the same thing without having the same point of view. It allows us to address real questions, such as positive discrimination here, and it opens up to very interesting questions. Especially in a high school setting because that’s when you build yourself and form these kinds of dynamics in real life.”.

On screen, the chemistry between Louis Duneton, Gregoire PaturelAndréa Furet, Lucie Vagenheim, Louvia Bachelier, Dembo Camilo, and Maira Schmitt is palpable. And the harmony between this fine line-up of actors full of the future is also evident on the set. And especially during the lunch break, where you have the feeling of chatting with a group of friends.

“There is a natural energy between all of us”says Grégoire Paturel, alias Gabriel. “Of course, with Louis, we’ve known each other since season 1. But it works with everyone. We’re quite mature, we find ourselves on the same things. And since we have a lot of scenes together, there’s bound to be something that is created”. “I immediately felt comfortable and very well received, whereas at the start I was a little apprehensive, I didn’t really know what to expect”adds Lucie Vagenheim, who won her first screen role thanks to La Faute à Rousseau after being revealed by The Voice on TF1.

“Pick-ups at 5 a.m. create a bond (laughs)”concludes not without humor Andréa Furet, who refers to the time when the teams of the series come to pick up the actors at their homes in the morning to take them to the set.

“A series that does not take viewers for idiots”

After the lunch break, head to the school parking lot, where Charlie Dupont and Samira Lachhab (Tomorrow Belongs to Us) shoots a scene between Benjamin and Stéphanie, who continue to chase and run away from each other in this season 2. Even if the dynamic is a little different. Because after rejecting her in favor of his ex in season 1, Benjamin is now convinced that the English teacher is the great love of his life. But this one did not wait for him.

“What I love about Rousseau is that he has a real subtlety when it comes to other people and his students, and even other people’s women’s issues, and he’s completely off the mark in his private life”confides Charlie Dupont when asked about what awaits him in this new batch. “He’s still going to have a bad time in his relationship with Stephanie in season 2. He was really bad with her, and he realized too late that he wanted her, it’s pathetic”.

“We always try to go further, to redefine our characters”explains for his part Lou Gauthier about the trajectory of the hero of the series. “In season 1, there was this love dilemma for Rousseau. And we wondered what we were going to say about him in season 2. And finally, this year, he tries to get Stéphanie back. This is the story of a person who, like his students, will try to become a little adult in his behavior. To gain maturity”.

Rousseau's fault: behind the scenes of season 2 with charlie dupont and the young...

Faced with total chaos in his love life, Benjamin also continues to have a complicated relationship with his son, Theo. “This year, there is even more of a “dysfunctional roommate” side between Théo, Rousseau, and Eva”continues the producer. “Three adults who live together and who find it difficult to understand each other and do not have the same vision of life. There are always grounds for opposition”.

And if Charlie Dupont is happy to find his comrades from the first season (“What a joy to have Anny Duperey as a fictional mom!”), and to meet new young actors, he also seems delighted to find his character, which he says is not so far from himself.

“It’s particularly well written, in the sense that it’s quite rare to have a series that doesn’t take viewers for idiots at all”confides the star of the series. “My character speaks to the students as I myself speak to my children aged 18 and 15. There is a true side that touched me as soon as I read the script”.

“This character is very close to me, there are a lot of ideas that he develops that are mine. I’ve played a lot of characters that are very far from me, with accents or upset physiques. Conversely, a character very close to me was a path that I had never taken to this point and that I really like”.

To the point of of course hoping to re-enlist for a season 3: “I would love to find Rousseau for a season 3. But it’s still hanging on the hearings”. So, to find Benjamin, Théo, and Eva next year, do not miss the rest of the series tonight France 2.

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