Roswell, New Mexico: how does the reboot of the cult series end?

Roswell New Mexico how does the reboot of the cult

“Roswell, New Mexico” has just been completed in the United States. Discover below the complete summary of the last episode of the series telling the adventures of the aliens Max, Isobel and Michael, as well as their relatives Liz, Maria and the others…

On January 15, 2019, the American channel The CW offered its viewers to discover Roswell, New Mexicothe reboot of… Roswellthe cult series of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Here, we follow the adventures of three aliens with extraordinary powers, evolving in the small town known throughout the world for its supposed appearances of UFOs.

Three and a half years after the launch from Roswell, New Mexico, the intergalactic journey is coming to an end. Indeed, the CW has decided not to renew the fantastic show for a season 5. The fiction therefore ended after 52 episodes on September 5, 2022. But how exactly do the intrigues end?

Heroes take on Clyde

In this grand finale in Roswell, New Mexico, Liz’s abilities are damaged and Alex is still very ill. Allie accompanies Liz and Kyle to find a way to take Clyde down for good. Using science and a dash of extraterrestrial help, they develop a serum that should eliminate their enemy.

Our heroes find Clyde ready to pass through the portal that will lead him to Oasis, the planet where Max, Isobel and Michael were born. An epic fight ensues but Liz manages to inject the liquid into Clyde. Thanks to this gesture, he dies while crossing the gate… The victory is finally won!

Michael and Alex get married

Alex is healed and the way is clear for him to marry Michael. Before the ceremony, Sanders also brings to the latter something old as a lucky charm: an object that belonged to Nora. The old man assures her how proud she would be of him if she were still here.

The spouses say “Yes” to each other in front of all their loved ones who celebrate their happiness during a beautiful party. Maria approaches Dallas and hires Bonnie to work at the Pony. Isobel and Kyle are closer than ever. For her part, Liz is ready to accept Max’s marriage proposal… except that he discovers that he is the Savior of Oasis.

Max must leave Earth… and Liz

Using a vision Tezca shared with Isobel before he died, Max realizes that he alone is capable of restoring life to the dying planet. He explains the situation to Liz who is desperate to learn that he has to leave. She then meets Allie who finds a way to give her all her memory back… and her smile. She also offers the young woman some advice on love…

The next day, Liz catches up with Max and confirms to him that she will become his wife when he returns from Oasis. The alien and Dallas walk through the portal… Liz will patiently wait for him to come to her senses.

A season 5 was planned

Chris Hollier, the showrunner of Roswell, New Mexico, revealed to Variety that this episode was not written as the last of the series. Originally, the portal was to melt after Max passed, leaving Liz to speculate that her beloved might never return. He adds that he intended to design season 5 as the final season, with three big jumps in time planned during this salvo … which will never see the light of day.

Finally, it is important to note that the show ends with a final appearance by Shiri Appleby, the original interpreter of Liz in the first version of Roswell, who plays the role of Allie in Roswell, New Mexico. A nice wink to close the loop.

In France, the first two seasons of Roswell, New Mexico can be seen on Salto.

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