Ron Arad’s Big Easy Chair Comes in Solid Resin

There would hardly be a man who is into the design scene and has not heard of Ron Arad. Israeli-born and London-based industrial designer is renowned for his Big Easy chair design which has seen many iterations over the past few years. The hyped designer has now unveiled six new editions of his iconic chair. Available in limited-edition versions, every single chair comes in a different color of resin with the likes of olive, transparent, and yellow.

Limited to 48 pieces, the solid resin version of the chair is attractive and worth adding to your home. However, I am not sure whether or not it will be ergonomic and promote good posture. But such versions are generally designed as a statement piece and not meant for mass-scale production. Whatever might be the case, from the pictures, I can certainly cash in that the latest Big Easy version will be a style icon in the furniture niche.

There is no denying that Ron’s designs are intriguing and ingenious, and the latest version of Big Easy is no different. He has moved past the idea of an overstuffed armchair and is also done playing with the mirror-polished steel featuring red leather upholstery. The solid resin idea is a new and refreshing take on chairs especially meant for the elite class (I presume.)

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The designer in collaboration with Opera Gallery founder Gilles Dyan will showcase the limited-edition version at Salon Art + Design fair in New York. The latest Big Easy chair will be displayed during the fest at The Armory on November 10 and will be on view until November 12 as reported by HYPEBEAST.

Big Easy chair in colored resin by Ron Arad
Image: Opera Gallery
Big Easy chair by Ron Arad
Image: Opera Gallery

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