Romane Bohringer impressed by Monica Bellucci, improvised scenes …: 5 secrets about …

New Original CANAL + Creation, L’Amour Flou pushes the doors of the department of the ex-couple formed by Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot. An autofiction in 9 radiant originality episodes, to be found on myCANAL. Secrets of filming.


Available on myCANAL and broadcast every Monday evening on CANAL +, L’Amour Flou is a bubble of humor and emotion by Romane Bohringer. If this title means anything to you, it’s probably because before taking the form of a series, this project was released on the big screen in 2018.

Awarded at the Angoulême Festival, the film tells about the unconventional breakup between Romane and Philippe who are no longer in love, but still love each other. After such a success, the idea of ​​a sequel seems obvious, and yet Romane Bohringer did not believe it.

Philippe and I were not ready! The film seemed to us to be our only object, our fulgurance, our testament. ” Driven by the enthusiasm of the public, by the adventures lived during 2 years and by the CANAL + team which has “reactivated his desire”, The duo finally agreed to decline the rest of their story in 9 episodes.

People would ask us: “But how will life be in this Department? Is it really possible? … We want to stay with you, we want to know the rest …

Romane bohringer impressed by monica bellucci, improvised scenes... : 5 secrets about...
Canal +


Driven by the desire to keep the wind of freedom that blew in the making of the feature film, the production chose to limit as much as possible the people present on the film set.

We decided to produce the series with an extremely small team. ” This is how the real Department in which the Rebbot-Bohringer have lived for 3 years has become a studio, with the family relocated nearby during the shooting.

If she emphasizes dedicating “a great admiration for a long time” to technical positions, Romane Bohringer wanted here at all costs to be freed from all constraints to give birth to the unexpected: “no make-up, no script, very little machinery, use natural light as much as possible. ”

My assistant has been in turn script, nose powder, hair advisor, actress, our props has grown six arms to meet all our expectations …, she says. It is their generosity, their inventiveness and their talent that made this adventure possible. Adventure which is to this day one of the happiest moments of my life.

Romane bohringer impressed by monica bellucci, improvised scenes... : 5 secrets about...
Canal +


For this sequel, Romane Bohringer was keen to find the characters of the film and was thus once again able to count on the members of her family, starting with her children, her father, and Philippe Rebbot with whom she really created this Department.

Those who have seen the film therefore find Richard Bohringer, Astrid Bohringer, Roland Rebbot, Reda Kateb, Aurélien Chaussade and Aurélien Vernant. An original cast which has all the same been enhanced with new faces, like Eric Caravaca and Monica Bellucci who camp the new halves of exes.

I was very, very impressed when I proposed the adventure to Éric Caravaca and Monica Bellucci. They probably don’t know how much. Their talent. Their filmography. Their past experiences … I felt like a baby stammering in front of them”, Confides Romane Bohringer.

Romane bohringer impressed by monica bellucci, improvised scenes... : 5 secrets about...
Canal +


Particularly appreciating autofiction in cinema, Romane Bohringer likes the whimsical and the fable just as much: “How to tell the extremely intimate while making a collective adventure? This is what obsessed me throughout the making of the series. ”

Thus, the director / actress has flirted with the fine border between reality and fiction to give birth to 9 episodes digging into the fantasized to let out a real sincerity. “You could say that everything is true in the series, she decrypts. But it is as if we had invented fictional doubles for everyone. There are us everywhere, but made up, hidden under the fabric of fiction. ”

However, the life of Romane Bohringer emanates from each scene and each choice of characters: “The spectator will never know that the man who comes to pick up my father to take him on stage is our real manager, that the maternity team is really the one who helped us give birth to our children …

Romane bohringer impressed by monica bellucci, improvised scenes... : 5 secrets about...
Canal +


Beginning in the particular writing of the series and thus discovering the workings of this format with the arches and other cliffhangers, the actress tried to answer these rules as well as possible while keeping a part of the unexpected.

And this in particular thanks to the encouragement for improvisation and to the members of the cast who were not actors: “See Monica alongside Roland, Philippe’s father, who is not an actor, see Eric live and evolve in our “Department” alongside our children … This mixture of genres to which they have agreed to indulge, c was magical to film. ”

Offering unique moments of rare freshness, L’Amour Flou is therefore a happy marriage between fiction and reality, the pro and the improv, the stars of the profession and the amateurs. “This causes differences in playing, rhythm, tone, sometimes oddities, which for me are the charm to which I aspire …”, Describes Romane Bohringer.

Romane bohringer impressed by monica bellucci, improvised scenes... : 5 secrets about...
Canal +

A series that we love for both substance and form, to discover now on myCANAL!

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