Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, attends the 2019 annual shareholders meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, May 3, 2019. (Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP)        (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty Images)

Robinhood fires back after Warren Buffett slams free-trading app

‘There is nothing wrong about it, nothing immoral. But it seems that is not the society, “he said.

Buffett does not fan the company has a business model, which added. The app allow people to the arts, the seed of the children, as the majority of the day, making a big return for the money options trading, the order of rules, and the craftsmen that are skilful in every manner robinhood The falling market revenue to pay it.

Munger also a step further, saying that “God, it was awful that people derive something like decent civilized heavy investment by the citizens. Internet it’s wrong. ‘

Robinhood fire back quickly.

Warren Buffett & # 39;  Berkshire Hathaway's $ 11.7 billion profit rebounds in a pandemic

“It’s an old guard that average Americans do not want to have a seat at the table and on Wall Street are not resort to insults,” said the company in a statement Sunday there is no mention Buffett, Munger or name.

‘Of course, those who out of this change in the future and the past, which can for the most part those who are out of the army is to be enjoyed forth so much the abundance of special privileges and it shall be thrown into confusion, these things do not want to, “she added robinhood, says that,” to criticism for thou art brought you are unfortunate, “and” a new generation of investors aren’ and t ‘ various groups. ”

Robinhood and a step forward Monday morning after a long time putting out a blog headlined “investing is an old man in charge of it” – this time, the forward Buffett and Munger.

“Two of the most iconic investors insulted that this new generation of tests. Why? Because it is a new way of doing things,” Ortiz from Thomas Ramsay, head of public policy at the Robinhood media.

Ramsay added: “tired of the Warren Buffetts Charlie Mungers the world do not act, the principles of investing. Robinhood that we’re not going to sit back while people pull their everyday lives financial control.”

It should be remembered that the Robinhood sitting around in a simpler and more accessible to the people “and” it is clear that stock market profits elites, who has kept many families participating in a vee sidelined while preparing his great wealth decades of investing. “

Commentaria in which one thing is a sign of robinhood has been on the defensive, as of late.

Robinhood already in the spotlight around the role of the “meme stock” before the revolution this year. The company has not criticized for temporarily allowing customers to buy shares GameStop (GME) Yields of stocks and other popular WallStreetBets state.
The Robinhood to enjoy the top was that the more he thinks the public later this year. Buffett, Saturday or legislative he’s looking forward to eventually called the company’s regulatory and Exchange Commission Securities.

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