Rick Bright testimony: Live updates

Rick Bright testimony: Live updates


Representative Michael Burgess, the leading Republican member of the House health subcommittee, noted that the whistleblower, Dr. Rick Bright, had “raised serious allegations” in his complaint.

“All whistleblowers deserve to be heard. Dr. Bright has raised serious allegations, and they deserve an investigation. Whistleblowers must protect their rights and deserve to have their allegations investigated with policies and procedures that have long been established and maintained as independent and fair, “said Burgess.

Burgess, however, described Bright’s hearing as “premature” and said that it “did no good” to the investigation of Bright’s complaint.

Burgess also criticized fellow Democrats for what he allegedly delayed participation in the debate on the coronavirus pandemic.

“We should hold a hearing on the real-time implementation of the pandemic preparedness law. And we should have done it in February. Said Burgess.

About the complaint: Bright, who was previously the director of a key federal office responsible for developing medical countermeasures, said he had filed a complaint last week alleging his retirement from office in retaliation for opposing the wide use of a drug frequently presented by President Trump as a treatment for coronaviruses.

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One thought on “Rick Bright testimony: Live updates

  1. WHY Republicans must you make testimony of Dr. Rick Bright partisan rather than a the most SERIOUS HEALTH issue for ALL Americans in 2020.
    Very easy to frame the minority party ” shoe polishers for the president”; though not my intent to join them in their lame attempt to shield, hide facts of serious short comings of our government’s ability to have met this crisis straight on! WHY continue to defend an unproven drug that does not cure this virus, but ultimately may lead to other serious health problems.
    WHY do you Republicans continue this mantra to Hide, Defend, Lie even when American lives are at stake.
    WHY would a congressman be so shameful to question a dedicated scientist regarding ongoing pay from a government agency. In the private sector this pay possibly tripled…not to include bonuses!
    WHY, WHY, WHY…
    ANSWER: Election year…remain in POWER (even to risk lives of their very own constituents; let alone ALL Americans).

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