Rick and Morty season 5 on Adult Swim: is the animated series still so crazy?

Rick and Morty season 5 on Adult Swim: is the animated series still so crazy?

What conclusions can we draw from the fifth season of the animated series “Rick and Morty,” now broadcast exclusively on Adult Swim France?

Rick and morty season 5 on adult swim: is the animated series still so crazy?
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For his big comeback, Rick and Morty did not disappoint. The fifth of the season of the animated series phenomenon has been broadcast since last June on Adult Swim, now the exclusive holder of the broadcasting rights for the program in France (to the great regret of Netflix subscribers).

Created in 2013, Rick and Morty follow the adventures of Rick Sanchez, a brilliant but filthy scientist, and his dumb teenage grandson Morty Smith; their peregrinations take them to explore the four corners of the galaxy, but also the dimensions of a multiverse where other versions of themselves exist.

Behind this parody concept of science fiction classics like Back to the Future and Doctor Who, the success of the series is explained above all by its ability to set no limits, thus offering its fans many levels of reading (the barrier of the fourth wall is crossed over and over again).

A season 5 up to expectations?

It is little to say that season 5 of Rick and Morty was eagerly awaited by her fans. But while we could fear that a drop in quality would affect the series, this new volley of unpublished episodes has been able to meet expectations by offering adventures as crazy as ever.

This was, for example, the case with the episode titled Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion, a parody revisiting both the universe of giant robot series (Voltron, the Power Rangers…) and that of mafia films. The result is a totally original adventure in its treatment, a pastiche that is both respectful and irreverent, which is based on numerous references without leaving aside its characters and its scriptwriting common thread.

Despite its success, the series has never fallen into the ease of gimmicks. Thus, guests who agree to lend their voices to characters from Rick and Morty have never benefited from a particular highlight. You have to wait for the end credits to discover the presence – not systematic moreover – of guest stars.

Rick and morty season 5 on adult swim: is the animated series still so crazy?Adult Swim

The animated series offers many concept episodes, but these have not yet become due for fans; rather than simply applying a recipe that works, the writers, on the contrary, have the audacity to explore new ideas and to propose episodes as surprising as they are unexpected.

Where other programs would not have hesitated to bring back popular characters, such as Rick-Ornichon (one of the most popular in the whole series), the writers of Rick and Morty seem more attached to their creative freedom, not without a certain sense of provocation. One thing is, in any case, certain: do not count on them to be a fan ordering service!

When Rick grinds black

The main theme of this fifth season was that of loneliness. Rick seems to have gradually understood that his existence has left him with more regrets than memorable memories despite his narcissistic character.

Resolutely alone, the mad scientist did not hesitate to bring back his best friend from the dead, with the only consequence that this one reminds him of how deeply he is a deeply evil and toxic human being.

We would tend to forget it, but Rick and Morty is a series centered on a sad and alcoholic character, much too proud to admit that the adventures in which he invites his family are, above all for him, the means of not being left alone.

The broadcast of the fifth season of Rick and Morty is now over, but don’t worry: several dozen additional episodes have already been ordered by the Adult Swim channel. With a sixth season in the editing phase and a seventh in writing, the animated series, therefore, seems to have a bright future ahead of it!

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