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A behind-the-scenes video from the dubbing of “Rick and Morty” shows how Justin Roiland, also the show’s co-creator, managed to record Rick’s voice and his iconic booze burps.

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As great as he is, Rick Sanchez – half of Rick and Morty’s main duo – is a die-hard alcoholic nonetheless. Permanently under the influence of alcohol, the latter punctuates his sentences with gaseous snippets, which have become the main gimmick of the character over the five seasons of the animated series phenomenon.

To better blend in with the character he co-created with Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland did not hesitate to “sacrifice” himself by lending his voice to Rick under the influence of alcohol; in making-of videos unveiled by the Adult Swim channel, the latter is shown chaining glasses of tequila before recording – somehow – Rick’s voice.

Luckily, no alcohol will have been necessary for the dubbing of Morty, since the voice of the character is also provided by Justin Roiland, also known to be the creator of the Solar Opposites series on Disney +.

Rick and Morty dubbing featurette:

Recall that the episodes of Rick and morty season 5 are offered every Monday exclusively on Adult Swim!

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