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In February 2021, the eldest daughter of Richard Berry accused her father of having abused her when she was a minor. The case has just been dismissed, revealed the Paris prosecutor’s office. Coline Berry appealed.

Richard Berry accused of incest the investigation closed without further

Confirming information from BFM TVthe Paris prosecutor’s office indicated that the investigation targeting Richard Berry for incest was dismissed for prescription of the facts.

For the record, the eldest daughter of Richard BerryColine Berry, had filed a complaint, in February 2021, against her father and her mother-in-law, the singer Jeane Manson, for rape, sexual assault and corruption of minors. Facts that would have taken place when the girl was 8 years old.

For us, it’s a huge relief“, indicated the lawyer of Coline Berry, Maître Patrick Klugman, on France Info. According to him, the classification without further action for reason of prescription is given when “the facts are sufficiently characterized”.

That’s what happenedhe believes. When justice conducts an investigation and the facts do not appear to be characterized, it is for this reason that it closes the investigation, not for prescription.” And to add: “From now on, no one will ever be able to say that Coline Berry, victim of incest, is a liar.”

The complaint was filed in January 2021 shortly after the publication of Camille Kouchner’s book The big family, in which the author denounces the incest committed by political scientist Olivier Duhamel on his twin brother. The Minors Protection Brigade had been seized of the investigation.

As a reminder, Richard Berry had immediately categorically denied the facts by publishing a long message in an Instagram story, in which he stated that he had written to the Paris prosecutor to ask him, despite the prescription, that an in-depth investigation be carried out to find out the truth. be definitively established.

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I speak to you today because I am faced with one of the most painful situations for a man, and for a father. Forty-five years ago my daughter Coline was born. When she was two years old, her mother and I separated under very conflicting conditions. I took care of Coline on Sundays, first with my parents, then on weekends with my partner, Jeane Manson at the time, and her daughter of the same age.

I was too young, too absent, but loving and respectful of my daughter. Seven years ago, when I announced to my family that my wife and I were expecting a child, Coline, herself pregnant, reacted with extreme violence, then, in an email sent to my wife, she the first time alluded to the fact that she was allegedly “abused“.

His story has evolved over time. It has been denied, renewed and enriched by it according to the interlocutors, or the news. For years, I tried to talk to her, to put an end to her lies, to understand what she needed, without success.

I opened up about it to psychiatrists, to my family, to my friends. After the publication of Camille Kouchner’s testimony, my daughter reworked her story again. She first contacted journalists in early January, then filed a complaint.

As soon as I learned that this legal process had been initiated, I immediately had the Paris prosecutor write to ask him, despite the prescription, that an in-depth investigation be carried out so that the truth can be definitively established.

I deny with all my strength and without ambiguity these filthy accusations. I have never had inappropriate or incestuous relations with Coline or with any of my children. These allegations are false. Even repeated a hundred times, through the press or by any other means, they are nothing but a lie. All the witnesses of the time who shared our life and our common moments are formal: none of this existed.

Why does my daughter accuse me of things I didn’t do? Why is she going after this destructive madness? I would like to understand his suffering. I was present perhaps too little, or too late. I don’t know if that can explain anything. Beyond the immense pain and shock I feel, it is now up to justice to establish the facts.”

Coline Berry appealed against this conviction. “We are now impatiently and serenely awaiting this ordeal to restore the honor and dignity of Coline Berry who, alone and against a powerful system, denounced the harshest facts that can be denounced.“, said his lawyer on the antenna of France Info.

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