Reward increased to $100,000 in search for person who shot 6-year-old in California road-rage incident

Reward increased to $100,000 in search for person who shot 6-year-old in California road-rage incident

Orange County, California, Supervisor Don Wagner said his office is offering an additional $50,000 reward as authorities continue to search for the person who fatally shot 6-year-old Aiden Leos in an apparent road-rage incident.

“It’s time for justice for Aiden Leos’s family. Aiden was fatally shot in Orange while on his way to school in Yorba Linda; both cities are in the District I represent,” Wagner said in a tweet on Tuesday.

He wrote in another post, “Let’s identify the killer of innocent Aiden Leos. What happened is heartbreaking.”

Aiden was shot and killed Friday morning after a gunman opened fire on his mother’s car while they were traveling northbound on the 55 freeway in Orange.

California Highway Patrol Officer Florentino Olivera said that there had been “some type of road-rage incident” involving the boy’s mother and another motorist prior to the shooting.

“Unfortunately, the boy in the back seat was shot,” Olivera said.

Olivera said he had limited details on what exactly happened but said at a news conference that authorities were looking for a newer white Volkswagen station wagon.

The boy’s mother, Joanna Cloonan, said that a Volkswagen driven by a woman with a man in the passenger’s seat cut her off on the freeway. As she was merging away from the vehicle, she heard a loud noise followed by her son saying “Ow.”

“He had been shot,” she said. “And I tried to save him.”

The bullet entered the vehicle through the trunk and struck Aiden, who was in a booster seat in the back.

“He just didn’t deserve that. No one deserves that,” Cloonan said. “I want them to pay for what they’ve done.”

Wagner said his reward will match a $50,000 reward the family was already offering for information that leads to the shooter.

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