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Sri Lanka is a rapidly emerging tourist destination in the world today. Even its smaller towns have something to offer their visitors. Take for example the town of Puttalam in the island nation’s northwestern province where visitors find many popular things to do. This area is also an industrially developed place. It is a popular place for fishing and coconut production. This city, owner of Sri Lanka’s largest lagoon, welcomes its guests Restaurants in Puttalam Which serves the finest dishes of Asian and Sri Lankan cuisine.

10 Best Restaurants in Puttalam

Puttalam restaurants are great places for a memorable fine dining experience. They are known for amazing hospitality and care apart from unique dishes that offer delicious taste. Almost all major tourist destinations including Wilpattu National Park, Kalpitiya and Virgin Beachside areas welcome guests with restaurants where guests enjoy sumptuous food. The list below brings the top 10 restaurants in Puttalam that you must visit during your visit to this city.

1. Senathilaka Guest Inn & Restaurant

Senthilaka Guest InnSenthilaka Guest Inn


With its popularity for offering a variety of dishes of intercontinental cuisine, Senathilaka Guest Inn & Restaurant in Sri Lanka is a renowned name for savoring delicious cuisines. Guests can enjoy fine dining whether they want breakfast, lunch, dinner or even late-night dinners ranging from a brunch retreat and more. This restaurant also offers takeaway services. Its staff are courteous and friendly so you are made to feel at your best while dining here. Since the restaurant also has a bar, you can have some wine or beer drinks.

Must try: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Wine, Asian Cuisine
Place: #81/A Kurunegala Road, Puttalam 61300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Asian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Indian, Seafood and Vegetarian
Cost for two: ₹1832/- – ₹3900/-
Google Rating: 3.5/5

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2. Siebel’s Family Gate Restaurant

Seibels Family GateSeibels Family Gate


A popular name in the list of Asian restaurants in Sri Lanka that is known for serving authentic cuisine, Sibels Family Gate Restaurant offers its guests a cool and serene ambiance for a scrumptious meal. Being a family-run restaurant, it brings a sense of belonging among the diners to enjoy fine dining in a cozy area. This restaurant uses fresh local ingredients to prepare a variety of dishes to serve its guests. This is the best place to have a fine meal in Sri Lankan tradition. That is why this restaurant is always crowded with local and traveler diners in search of authentic cuisine.

Must try: Egg Fried Rice, Sri Lankan Special Food
Place: Colombo Road, Karikattiya | Maduranikkuliya, Puttalam 61300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Asian, Sri Lankan
Cost for two: ₹ 950/- – ₹ 2200/-
Google Rating: 4.5/5

3. Cardamom Restaurant

Cardamom RestaurantCardamom Restaurant


Cardamom Restaurant is famous for its blend of a variety of Asian and Sri Lankan cuisine. What makes it unique is that it offers a mix of cuisines like East meets West thus giving a new and modern touch to many traditional dishes. In short, Asian cuisine is replicated here, as if the variety of foods reflects the cultural diversity of the Asian region. This restaurant is frequented by locals as well as travelers. The presence of country-specific chefs makes it even more popular among Sri Lankan visitors who want to taste both authentic and fusion foods.

Must try: Vegetable Samosa, Momos, Vegetable Pakora, Stir-Fired Prawns, Stuffed Aloo Tikki, Papdi Chaat, Chicken Tikka, Onion Bhaji, Papadum, Bread, Prantha, Onion Kulcha, Kashmiri Naan, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Kali Mirch, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebab , Angare Shrimp, Achari Paneer Tikka, Hyderabadi Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Goat Biryani, Vegetable Biryani, Cardamom Plates
Place: #12B Colombo Road, Puttalam 61300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Sri Lankan, Asian, Nepalese, Indian
Cost for two: ₹ 705/- – ₹ 2536/-
Google Rating: 4.⅘

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4. Donuts



Donate is a small restaurant in Puttalam, Sri Lanka where locals and travelers come to enjoy its amazing food. The cleanliness of this place along with the quality food served to a variety of guests makes it an exceptionally well-packed restaurant. If you are interested in enjoying quality food here, come early. Chances are high that you may have to wait for some time for your turn to order the recipe of your choice.

Must try: Sri Lankan and Asian lunches and dinners
Place: #28A Mosque Road, Puttalam 61300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: sri lankan, asian
Cost for two: ₹ 1128/- – ₹ 2822/-
Google Rating: 3.7/5

5. Tao Seafood Restaurant

Tao Seafood RestaurantTao Seafood Restaurant


Tao Seafood Restaurant is a popular international food chain that also has a presence in Sri Lanka. A complete Chinese inspired eatery, it serves diners a good variety of seafood apart from the rest of the Asian cuisine. Its concept is based on the mythological Chinese creature Tao Tie as described in the Mandarin language or Tao Ju in Chinese. Food lovers come here to enjoy the unique dishes of Asian cuisine served in Sri Lanka. More than eating the variety of Asian cuisine, diners feel the rise of culture explained through the method of cooking and the tradition of serving them. Master chefs ensure the use of finest quality, local and fresh ingredients. They also assure that each recipe is prepared with special care.

Must try: Chinese food, varieties of sea food
Place: Modaravella | Thalwila Beach Road, Marawila, Puttalam 61300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Chinese, Seafood, Asian, Sri Lankan
Cost for two: ₹ 3000/- – ₹ 4700/-
Google Rating: 4.⅗

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6. Lagoon Breeze Restaurant

Lagoon Breeze RestaurantLagoon Breeze Restaurant


Popular for its amazing hospitality and delicious dishes of Sri Lankan and Asian cuisine, Lagoon Breeze Restaurant is worth trying for the great regional dishes along with other Asian dishes served here. The location of this popular restaurant in a quiet, peaceful environment makes it a must-see eatery. Local people and tourists come here to have a good time with food.

Must try: Chicken and egg soup, lemon wedges, Sri Lankan lunch and dinner
Place: Puttalam Road, Puttalam 61300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: sri lankan, asian
Cost for two: ₹ 1550/- – ₹ 2300/-
Google Rating: 4.7/5

7. Mr. Bravo Family Restaurant

Sri Bravo Family RestaurantSri Bravo Family Restaurant


Families, especially large groups traveling to Sri Lanka, find a great respite for their memorable fine dining experience at Sri Bravo Family Restaurant. This restaurant is well known in the region for the finest dishes ranging from Asian to especially Sri Lankan cuisine. Everyone likes the bustling atmosphere near this restaurant. It is popular among travelers and locals who seek authentic cuisine in the Puttalam region of Sri Lanka.

Must try: Bravo Package, Pizza, Mixed Salad, Grilled Chicken, Thai Noodles, Cheese Omelette, Chicken Fried Rice
Place: Kurunegala Road, Puttalam 61300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: sri lankan, asian
Cost for two: ₹ 1126/- – ₹ 2463/-
Google Rating: 4.⅕

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8. Snakewin Restaurant

Snakewin RestaurantSnakewin Restaurant


Serving a variety of deliciously delicious dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch to the ever-growing guests, Sankevin Restaurant has today emerged as a foodie’s paradise in the Puttalam area of ​​Sri Lanka. It is facilitating takeout options in addition to requesting reservations. Since this restaurant also serves alcohol, it is popular among international tourists from diverse backgrounds. The most important factor that keeps this restaurant in the limelight is that it is a one-stop destination for dishes of seafood, Sri Lankan and other Asian food options which also includes Chinese and Indian dishes.

Must try: Brunch, Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
Place: #13 Galle Road, Ambalangoda 80300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Asian, Sri Lankan, Seafood, Chinese and Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for two: ₹ 1000/- – ₹ 3000/-
Google Rating: 4.0/5

9. Tandoori Kitchen

Tandoori KitchenTandoori Kitchen


Travelers visiting Sri Lanka and locals looking to enjoy the authentic North Indian Tandoori taste cannot ignore the famous Tandoori Kitchen restaurant in the Puttalam area. It is a popular name among the diners who relish its nutritious Arabic and Indian authentic tandoori food. To ensure that genuine items are used to prepare the dishes, almost all the ingredients are imported from India. With minimal use of oils, every meal served at this restaurant is hygienic and exquisite on multiple levels. Hardly any artificial flavors are used to cook the dishes in this restaurant. This is the reason why there is always a rush of local people and tourists here.

Must try: Tandoori Chicken, Arabian Cuisine, Indian Whole Foods
Place: #171 Main Street, Ambalangoda, Ambalangoda 80300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Chinese, Indian, Arabic
Cost for two: ₹ 600/- – ₹ 1150/-
Google Rating: 4.9/5

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10. Chill Pill

food dinner food curry sri lanka bowlsfood dinner food curry sri lanka bowls


Chill Pil Restaurant in Puttalam is popular among tourists and locals for several reasons. It also facilitates reservations and outdoor seating. Being a family restaurant, it offers great dining options to families looking for child-friendly facilities. Large groups enjoy tasting the seafood, Asian cuisine and a variety of vegetarian fusion dishes served at this restaurant. A popular family friendly restaurant, Chill Pil looks amazing along the beach in Puttalam. Music is usually played here to entertain the guests.

Must try: dinner, lunch, drinks
Place: #33/3 Beach Road, Patabadimulla, Ambalangoda 80300, Sri Lanka
Cooking: Seafood, Sri Lankan, Asian, Southwestern, Bar, Vegetarian Friendly
Cost for two: ₹ 1127/- – ₹ 2255/-
Google Rating: 4.5/5

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Are you excited to try these restaurants in Puttalam? Then what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Sri Lanka soon and visit Puttalam to taste the most delicious dishes. Take your family, friends or partner on this most delicious and exciting food tour of Sri Lanka.

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