These 7 Best Restaurants Will Come To Your Rescue When Hunger Strikes In Da Nang

Da Nang is the perfect blend of a city nestled deep in the beautiful valleys of nature. The city buildings standing amidst the beauty of lush green mountains and peaceful valleys is a rare natural experience. Da Nang is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Vietnam. It has an open wide coastal area that extends to the South China Sea making it a center for seafood and other cuisines. Da Nang is a paradise for those who are fond of exotic tastes and the restaurants here tantalize your tongue. On your trip to Vietnam, the restaurants of Da Nang will treat the foodie in you.

7 Best Restaurants in Da Nang

Most of the dishes served in Da Nang are unique to this location. The aroma of their dishes mixed with the cool breeze welcomes you into a new experience and Da Nang serves food for all types of people, from experimentalists to food addicts. Here is a list of all the must-try experiences for anyone visiting Da Nang.

1.Quan Com Hue Ngon

grill soundgrill sound


BBQ Center in Da Nang is a local stall that may not be very attractive from the outside, but the marinated seafood and seafood will definitely please your senses. You are greeted with coal smoke and the crackling sound of the grill. Barbecued Octopus, Squid in Stone and Barbecued Pork are among the most popular items on their menu. They have a tourist-friendly staff who can guide you to get the best food. It is located in Tran Quoc Ton.

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2. Mi Quang Ba Mua

Enjoy the best noodles in town Enjoy the best noodles in town


This is Da Nang’s noodle hotspot, so if you want to enjoy the best noodles in the city this is the place to be. Freshly prepared noodles with meat toppings along with fish sauce and other spices are a delight to your eyes and mouth. They also have different types of noodles on their menu. It is located near Tran Binh Trong, Hai Chau.

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3. Banh Xio Ba Duong

hot pancakeshot pancakes


Banh xeo, hot pancakes are something you can only try in Da Nang. This is a rare traditional food of Da Nang that you must try whenever you are in Da Nang to get a taste of the place. It is a mixture of shrimp, pork, onion and several spices wrapped in a thick fried pancake. The best place to try it is the famous Ban Xeo Ba Duong, a small shop located along Hoang Dieu Street. This place became so famous that people come to this area to taste this dish.

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4. Ban Cha CA 109

Ishakek Noodle SoupIshakek Noodle Soup


They have been serving the taste of freshly cooked fishcake noodle soup for over 50 years. The family business is running so successfully that the restaurant is now almost synonymous with noodle soup. The hearty rice vermicelli noodle soup with grilled fishcakes is a treat. It is located near Nguyen Chi Thanh Street.

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5. Come take a bath

Savor Lemongrass Flavored RiceSavor Lemongrass Flavored Rice


A place where you can taste lemongrass flavored rice with a captivating aroma and served in a traditional clay pot. It is very expensive compared to many other restaurants but the unique experience is worth it. The meal is believed to be eaten by three people, making it a favorite family dinner spot in Da Nang. It is located near Nguyen Tri Phuong Street in Na Dang.

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6. Skewer Bajirao Restaurant

Provides an enjoyable experience to visitorsProvides an enjoyable experience to visitors


Japanese foods are also famous among Vietnamese people. If you want to taste Japanese food then Bajirao is the best place. The fish is always freshly caught and prepared to ensure hygiene and taste. The sushi and sashimi prepared at Bajirao are considered the best in the city. It has a cordial atmosphere that welcomes everyone and provides an enjoyable experience to the visitors.

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7. Tran Restaurant

Mixture of pork and vegetables Mixture of pork and vegetables


‘Ban Trang Cuon Thit Heo’ is another traditional dish from Da Nang city, which is a mixture of pork and vegetables wrapped in rice paper. Tran Restaurant is most famous for this dish. They also have other Vietnamese dishes on their menu such as Mi Quang, water fern cake, banh mam, seafood and beverages. It is located at Hai Phong Street and 04 Le Duan Street in Da Nang.

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Thus, unlike normal cities, the popularity of food is not concentrated only inside malls. If you want to enjoy the taste of Da Nang then you should take to the streets where the culture shines bright and serves you dishes that you cannot find anywhere else. So, don’t waste time, plan a holiday to Vietnam now and enjoy some delicious cuisine at these restaurants in Da Nang.

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