Resident Evil – welcome to Raccoon City: Leon in the game, that was it!

Resident Evil – welcome to Raccoon City, reboot of the film adaptation of the video game license Resident Evil, is in theaters. The opportunity to make a small comparison between the faces of the film and those of the cult license of Capcom.

After rinsing and draining the Resident Evil license for years, orchestrated by Paul WS Anderson, the cult license is back (in particular) on the big screen with Resident Evil: welcome to Raccoon City.

A reboot signed by the British director Johannes Roberts, who wants to be closer to his video game roots than his eldest, by trying to offer a story linking the events of the first part of the saga to the second opus, which has also made l ‘subject of a very solid remake in 2019, still under the leadership of Capcom.

What about the headliners of the film against their famous original models? The question arises all the more since the actor Avan Jogia, chosen to play Leon S. Kennedy, does not seem to be unanimous …

Avan Jogia is Leon S. Kennedy

Metropolitan FilmExport / Capcom

Seen in Return to Zombieland and the series Now Apocalypse, the actor plays this young policeman who appeared in Resident Evil 2 with Claire Redfield before being, alone, the star of the 4.

Robbie Amell is Chris Redfield

Metropolitan FilmExport / Capcom

Seen in Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, before being the main actor of Upload, Robbie Amell lends his features to the big brother of Claire, another star member of the STARS, who made his debut in Resident Evil 1.

Kaya Scodelario is Claire Redfield

Twentieth Century Fox / Capcom

The Skins and the Maze reveal stars Chris Redfield’s little sister, looking for her missing brother when she appears in Resident Evil 2.

Hannah John Kamen is Jill Valentine

Metropolitan FilmExport / Capcom

The actress seen in Ant-Man 2 plays one of the stars of the STARS elite franchise and squad, Jill Valentine, who has been around since the first resident Evil. The visual of the photo game is taken from the HD remaster of the first part of the video game saga; his traits changing quite significantly in game remakes Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Tom Hopper is Albert Wesker

Metropolitan FilmExport / Capcom

The English actor momentarily escapes from the Umbrella Academy to lend his features to Albert Wesker, leader of the STARS who made his debut in “Resident Evil 1” and then returns several times. And we won’t spoil those who don’t know the games.

Neal McDonough is William Birkin

Metropolitan FilmExport / Capcom

Also seen in Legends of Tomorrow, in addition to Arrow or the first Captain America, Neal McDonough plays one of the people responsible for the doomsday evils that hit Raccoon City, and who made his appearance in Resident Evil 2.

Lily Gao is Ada Wong

IG / Capcom

Although she was mentioned in the very first game resident Evil, the character of Ada Wong, played in the film by Chinese-Canadian actress Lily Gao, makes her real first appearance in Resident Evil 2 in the story of Leon S. Kennedy. She then claims that she is looking for her fiancé, an Umbrella company researcher by the name of John, which is only a pretext. Its major appearance is in Resident Evil 4, where she meets Leon again six years later.

Donal Logue is Chief Irons

Metropolitan FilmExport / Capcom

From Gotham Police Station to Raccoon City, there is only one step for Donal Logue, who will play the chief of the police force, with the troubled role in the intrigue. A character appeared in Resident Evil 2.

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