Research section on TF1: what is the Agatha Christie finale worth, which brings together the…

CRITICISM – After 16 years of existence, “Research Section” ends this Thursday on TF1 with a final double episode under Agatha Christie influence which sees almost all the stars of the series return, including Chrystelle Labaude and Jean-Pascal Lacoste.

After Profiling and Alice Neversit’s the turn of Research sectionanother emblematic detective fiction of the channel, to bow out this Thursday April 21 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1 after no less than 165 episodes which saw the actors follow one another alongside Xavier Delucof Chrystelle Labaud to Fabienne KaratPassing by Kamel Belghazi, Franck Semoninand Honorine Magnier.

Ordered after the cancellation of the series at the end of its fourteenth season last April, this rather unexpected last investigation, which brings back several iconic faces, seems to have been thought of as a real gift for the fans of the first hour, who have been following the adventures of Martin Bernier since 2006. And the result is rather convincing.

Research section with Agatha Christie sauce

While we could have logically expected to see these last two chapters of Research Section conclude the common thread plot of season 14, which ended on a cliffhanger, this is not the case.

The authors and the production preferred to imagine an even more eventful finale and completely evacuated what had happened during the previous episodes. So much so that Sandrine, the character embodied by Melanie Maudranwho fled in the very last seconds of the season 14 finale, is not even mentioned by Jeanne (Fabienne Carat) or Lucas (Franck Sémonin).

Instead, “New Departure” takes us to an island cut off from the world, where Vicky (Felicite Chaton) decided to organize in a large house belonging to his family a surprise weekend in honor of Bernier’s retirement.

Research section on tf1: what is the agatha christie finale worth, which brings together the...

Upon his arrival, Martin is delighted to see his friends and colleagues from the Nice SR reunited, but also some former comrades from the Bordeaux SR, such as Luc (Jean-Pascal Lacoste), Nadia (Chrystelle Labaude), or Mathilde (Virginie Caliari). However, the party soon turns into a nightmare. In the early morning, the lifeless body of one of the guests is found on the beach. And all of them, with the exception of Bernier, are soon suspected of the murder.

Where Alice Nevers had not shown much inventiveness by proposing an all-too-classic investigation for her last episodes, where the only real interest lay in the marriage between the two heroes which was celebrated during the last five minutes, Research Section moves away from the formula that has been its own for fifteen years to offer a rather exciting conclusion, which has an eye on the side of Cluedo andAgatha Christie with its potentially all-guilty heroes and its island obviously reminiscent They were ten.

The emblematic characters (almost) all reunited one last time

Already available in preview on Salto, the finale of Section de recherche skilfully distils its suspense, its twists and its revelations in order to keep us in suspense for 90 minutes.

And if the resolution of the investigation is somewhat disappointing and is the only big downside of these last two episodes, the writers have at least had the courage to kill one of the emblematic figures of the series on the occasion of these exceptional farewells . Which gives a real challenge to this last case and offers beautiful moments of emotion to viewers.

Viewers who should not sulk their pleasure in front of this final evening of Research Section since the reunion between Martin, Nadia, Luc, Mathilde, and Claire (Linda Hardy), as well as the meeting of the alumni with the current SR team composed of Lucas, Jeanne, Vicky, Ariel (Elise Tielrooy), and Alexander (Stephane Soo Mongo) are necessarily tasty.

Research section on tf1: what is the agatha christie finale worth, which brings together the...

In addition to the nostalgia effect, we particularly appreciate the jealousy that rises in Ariel at the sight of the obvious complicity that unites Martin and Nadia, the secrets that are revealed during the investigation, and the evolution of the relationship between Lucas and Jeanne, who have become very close since the electric beginnings of their collaboration in season 14.

The pregnancy of Fabienne Carat, who was pregnant at the time of filming last year, is also integrated into the script and plays a significant role in these last episodes.

Although we may regret the absence of Manon Azem (Sara), who was one of the stars of the series during seasons 7 to 11, Research Section therefore ends in a nice way, as much on the side of the investigation as on the personal intrigues of the heroes. With, as a final bouquet, big surprises for most of the characters who, in the last minutes of the finale, seem ready to write the next chapter of their lives. Far from TF1 and the hustle and bustle of SR.

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