Reprisal on CStar: an end of career under the sign of the nanars for Bruce Willis – archyde

Aired tonight on CStar, Reprisal features Bruce Willis as a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He must hunt down criminals and save his sick child. The opportunity to come back to this delicate end of the course for the actor.

If Bruce Willis had his best period in the 1990s, the 2010s were the ones that saw him give up … Some would even say that he is only a shadow of himself, wandering like a ghost from nanars to nanars. Preferring to devote himself to his family, he is now confined to Direct-to-DVD produced by EFO, a company specializing in low-budget action films worn by actors familiar with the genre.

This choice is not rash! This method saves him time and money. Indeed, the shoots of such productions are short, which allows him to chain them at an impressive rate. Reprisal, shot in 2018, is part of that series of action chicks that have become the hallmark of the bald star.

Reprisal on cstar: an end of career under the sign of the nanars for bruce willis - archyde

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This tumble was relatively gradual, but we can date it to the early 2010s, with characters without stature in Expendables 2, GI Joe: Conspiracy and especially Die Hard: beautiful day to die. In this fifth installment of the famous franchise that launched it, the actor delivers a poor quality performance, like the film (which still collects $ 304 million in worldwide revenue).

Certainly, Bruce Willis participates, in 2012, in the Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom as well as in the brilliant science-fiction film Looper, where he plays the aged version of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. But feature films of this level are now very rare in his filmography.

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Moreover, his bad reputation on the sets precedes him more and more. Kevin Smith explained how much of a nightmare working with him on Top Cops. Likewise, Sylvester Stallone excluded him from The Expendables 3 because he was asking too much for a fee (he called it a “greedy and lazy”). Bruce Willis is also fired from the set of Woody Allen’s Cafe Society for inappropriate behavior.

The actor then refocuses on DTV. Among them: The Prince (2015), Vice (2016), Extraction (2017), LA Rush, First Kill (2018), Acts of Violence (2018) and Etat de choc (2020). So many productions characterized by simplistic intrigues, a banal realization and the monolithic game of the ex superstar of Die Hard.

Brooklyn Affairs: ten years of work for Edward Norton

Eli Roth, Edward Norton and M. Night Shyamalan recently tried to revive his career, out of friendship or admiration, but to no avail. In Death Wish, Bruce Willis does not convince as an ordinary man entering the war against Chicago crime. Brooklyn Affairs receives good press reviews, but her character does not appear much. In Glass, he resumes his cult role of superhero David Dunn, but struggles to convey as much emotion as in Unbreakable.



If there is a time envisaged for a Die Hard 6, Disney seems to have buried any hope of seeing him put on the marcel of John McClane after his takeover of The Fox. Soon, Bruce Willis will be in the cast of several DTVs, including Open Source, Breach, Cosmic Sin, The Reactor or even Out of Death. In the latter, he plays a retired forest ranger helping a woman who has just witnessed a murder committed by four individuals.


In the trailer for Cosmic Sin, due out March 12 in DTV, Bruce Willis slips a shot of alcohol and beats up a man by throwing him over the bar counter. From the first seconds of the trailer, the tone is set … we are not joking with James Ford, the character played by the actor in this sci-fi film who is eyeing the side of The Thing and Armageddon. The artist finds there his accomplice Frank Grillo, 3 years after Représaille. Not sure that this new nanar does not restore the blazon of the 65-year-old actor, who still does not show the slightest sign of emotion on his impassive face.


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