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Repercussions on France 2 what is the value of this

This Wednesday evening, France 2 is talking about road safety with the broadcast, at 9:10 p.m., of a new TV film, called “Répercussions”. We tell you what we thought about it.

What is it about ?

Ethan, Julie, Paul and Sébastien meet up one evening to celebrate the birthday of one of them. During the night, the group of friends learns that Sébastien, tested with more than two grams of alcohol in his blood, had a car accident and died from his injuries.

Salomé, Sébastien's wife, absent at the party, is stunned: Sébastien is not the type to drink to excess, nor to drive in this state. So what happened that night? Why had Sébastien drank so much? Did anyone see that he had drunk too much? If so, why did they let him hit the road? What can Salomé tell their little boy Léo (Maxime Attard)? So many questions to which Salomé now wants answers.

Who is it with?

Sébastien is played by the Belgian actor Charlie Dupont, already seen in Hard (2008-2015) and increasingly visible on the small screen in recent years, with appearances in Papa or Maman, the series (season 1, 2018) , Panda (season 1, 2023) and Sophie Cross (season 2, 2023), as well as a leading role in The Fault in Rousseau (2021-2022) and soon in The New (2023).

Salomé is played by Marie Denarnaud, who plays one of the main roles in the successful TF1 series, HPI (since 2021).

As for the group of friends, we no longer present Lannick Gautry (Ethan), a major actor on the small screen in recent years, notably in the casting, recently, of Aim for the Heart (since 2022), Escape ( since 2021), Fear on the Lake (2020), or even Christmas… and more if you like (2023).

David Kammenos (Paul) is less known to the general public. The actor has played multiple small roles in films such as Le transporter III (2008) and Les Tuche (2010), as well as in series or TV films like Falco (season 4, 2016), La vie avant toi ( 2023) and several Murders in… (Murders in Orléans in 2017, Murders at Pointe du Raz in 2020).

Same thing for Sophie de Fürst (Julie), already seen in Profilage (season 6 to 9, 2015-2019), Comment c'est loin (2015), Le Killer du Lac (2017), Derby girl (since 2020), or Patience again my love (since 2021).

It's worth checking out ?

Have I always done the right thing during drunken evenings when someone wanted to get back on the road? Like us, you will inevitably ask yourself this question at one time or another during your Repercussionsand even perhaps after its broadcast, against the backdrop of this powerful and moving original soundtrack imagined by Philippe Kelly and sung by Bobbie, which will also stay in your head.

Even if it has, at times, some airs of an XXL prevention spot for road safety, with staging choices that are a little too dramatic and expected for certain scenes, or the presence of well-delivered educational scenes, the TV film does not There's nothing moralistic about it.

Some important figures are recalled, such as the fact that road accidents due to alcohol cause, each year, around 1000 deaths and 3000 hospitalizations, or that the risk of being involved in an accident road fatality is multiplied by 2 with a blood alcohol level of 0.5g/L of blood, and by 20 at 1g/L of blood.

Apart from this, Repercussions escapes a particularly dark and already seen ending, where all the culprits would end up in prison, with shattered lives on their conscience, to the point where some people would end up committing suicide, their burden being too heavy to bear. Here, the fiction rather brings nuance and carries a moral which sounds like a reminder or a warning: this does not only happen to others so do not take this subject lightly because it may be a question of non- assistance to a person in danger and this can have more repercussions than it seems (friendly, romantic, family, professional or social, which is shown quite well in the TV film). And if, unfortunately, you find yourself, one day, directly or indirectly confronted with this type of situation, take responsibility for your actions.

In terms of narration, we also appreciate the fact that the character of the widow around whom is centered Repercussions is not, as one might expect, driven by revenge, nor eager to find someone guilty at all costs. On the contrary, Salomé clearly does not want to burden her friends here. She has already lost her husband, she does not want to lose more loved ones in this story. Salomé simply wants to remove the gray areas surrounding the death of her husband in order to move forward, she who does not believe in the blows of fate like her friends and who initiates legal proceedings solely because of an insurance problem.

It's a shame, however, that more mundane side stories of deception, jealousy and resentment mix into the main drama told by the TV movie, as if every person who lets someone else go home drunk necessarily does so because they have something something to blame him for.

Awarded the prize for best screenplay at the Luchon Télé Festival this year, Repercussions is a new TV film to be discovered this Wednesday, December 6 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2.

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