Reopening of cinemas: the crowd at the first morning screenings - cinema news

Reopening of cinemas: the crowd at the first morning screenings – cinema news

Brigitte Baronnet

Brigitte Baronnet


Passionate about French cinema, adoring to survey festivals, Brigitte Baronnet has been a journalist for AlloCiné for 10 years. She hosts the Spotlight podcast.

The spectators were numerous early this morning to find the cinemas after 201 days of closure. From Paris to Saint Etienne, review of tweets from these spectators eager to find dark rooms and celebrate cinema.

After 201 days of cinemas closing, will the public be there? According to the first screenings which were held this morning, sometimes as early as 6.30am (!), The spectators were in a hurry to meet in the dark rooms and celebrate the cinema.

Review of tweets from spectators, journalists and film professionals, from some of these first screenings, from Paris to Saint Etienne.

Elisha Karmitz: “We’re open! 8h00 session at the mk2 Bibliotheque. The kids are in force for #mandibules de @ oizo3000! #Vivelecinema”

Lena Lutaud: “#cinemas Nathanael #Karmitz opens the doors at 0800 to the @ mk2 Library. Crazy crowd of great days, a lot of young people. Never seen that.” Do not tell me that young people no longer like to go to the cinema “, underlines Nathanel Karmitz.”

High and short: “#DRUNK, a busy day at UGC Les Halles!”

Alexandre Mallet-Guy: “#Mandibules at Gaumont Wilson in Toulouse all day: SOLD OUT!”

“This morning, before the 9am session at UGC Les Halles, there are as many people as a Sunday afternoon from the ‘world before’ … it’s nice”

Total Screen: “# 9HeuresDesHalles exceptional on this morning of recovery with more than a thousand spectators despite the gauge at 35%.”

Le Progrès: “The Méliès opened its doors at 6 am for the first reopening cinema screening! More than fifty people already in the queue. On the program:“ Petite Maman ”by Céline Sciamma screened ahead -first. #Cinema #Loire “

Director of Méliès, Paul-Marie Claret is “happy and enthusiastic” about this reopening. #Cinema #Loire

“After 201 days without a cinema, we can finally go back”

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